Cleaning with Genesis 950

Why Are Cat Urine Odors So Horrendous?

Let’s be honest, all animal waste has a somewhat erroneous odor, but cat urine is by far the worst urine smell of all which makes cleaning cats stains a VERY important part of your household chores. What better way than keeping an effective cat urine remover such as Genesis 950 as part of your arsenal.


How To Clean Furniture With Genesis 950

HOW TO CLEAN FURNITURE Between kids and pets your furniture has probably seen better days. Genesis 950 make cleaning upholstery easy. With Genesis 950 you can easily remove stains. Whether it’s spot cleaning to remove that spill, or steam cleaning to remove odor, Genesis 950 can help clean your furniture. Genesis 950 works different than


How To Clean Vinyl Records With Genesis 950

HOW TO CLEAN VINYL RECORDS   Record collectors are constantly searching for ways to restore their vinyl collection to their original state. The vinyl 45 rpm was one of the most accessible means of distributing music from the 1950’s to the mid 1980’s. For many owners one of the easiest ways to keep track of