Getting A New Pet Will Most Likely Result In Getting New Pet Stains

Getting a new dog or puppy can be a great idea and a wonderful addition to the family. However too many times what seems like a great idea turns out to be problematic when the unexpected seems to rise to the surface. Every year, thousands of dogs are taken in to a new home and then returned or placed in a shelter for a myriad of reasons be it the attention they require, adjustment to scheduling, unexpected expenses and then there is the need to clean pet stains. If you are planning on getting a new puppy or dog, you can be proactive and limit pet stains and odors in your house with Genesis 950. In many cases, improper cleaning techniques only promote a puppy going to the bathroom in the house over and over. This is something that can be corrected by properly cleaning pet stains. When pet stains are cleaned correctly, it can actual prevent a new family member from going to the bathroom in the house over and over.


Remove Pet Stains From Carpets With Genesis 950


The key to preventing your pet from going to the bathroom in the house believe it or not is proper cleaning. Because dogs are drawn to urinate in spots where they have previously gone, it is imperative to not just remove pet stains, but also to completely remove pet urine odor.


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Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner


Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant based cleaner that remove pet stains from carpets and other types of flooring. Instead of using soaps or hazardous chemicals, Genesis 950 relies on water as the key ingredient. Sold in concentrated form, water is added upon use. When Genesis 950 and water interact with a stain, Genesis 950 breaks down the bonds of a stain. Once the bonds of a stain are broken, the stain becomes water soluble. Solubility allows for the pet stain to lose adherence and be flushed from the surface. In the event that pet urine has seeped into the padding, Genesis 950 can be used in a carpet cleaning machine to effectively break down any odor causing stains in the padding. In addition to breaking down and removing stains, Genesis 950 also has the power to kill odor causing bacteria. As the odor is removed, the likelihood of repeat pet stains is reduced.


There are two methods for removing pet stains with Genesis 950:


  • Spot cleaning our pet stains.


Spot cleaning is most suitable for surface pet stains.  To spot clean these stains, use Genesis 950 in a spray bottle mixed with water. The recommended ratio is 1/3 part Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts water. This recommendation works great for cleaning multiple messes from pet stains to kitchen cleaning. Keeping a spray bottle with this ratio in the cleaning cabinet makes you ready to remove any pet stain you may find.


Spot cleaning pet stains with Genesis 950 is easy. Simply spray the solution mixed with water on the stain. Be sure to allow the stain to be thoroughly saturated. Allow the solution to sit for several minutes. Once the stain has absorbed the solution, it should wipe away fairly easily by rubbing with a wet towel or sponge. If after wiping up the stain, there is still some left behind, reapply the cleaning solution and let sit a little longer before wiping. (If it is a difficult stain you can increase the mix ratio) Once the stain has been removed, blot with fresh water to rinse. When complete, let the area dry.


  • Removing pet stains that are odor based.


While spot cleaning is effective for surface stains, it is NOT an acceptable means to clean pet urine. Pet urine, being a liquid, travels downward. Often, it ends up in the padding, which because of it’s consistency, absorbs liquid such as urine, like a sponge. When pet urine odor is an issue, spot cleaning the surface will NOT remove pet urine in the padding. Spraying deodorizes on the area will also not have any impact on the padding. As long as that pet urine odor is in the padding, the likelihood of your animal messing there again will remain very high. To properly remove pet urine and pet urine odor from carpet, it MUST be done with a machine.


A carpet cleaning machine allows for solution to be distributed below the carpet surface. As this is where the odor settles, this is very important. A carpet cleaning machine also has the power to extract the pet stains, sediment and urine that has been trapped in the padding. When Genesis 950 is used in a carpet cleaning machine, the solution gets into the padding, breaks down not only the pet stains, but also the dirt and dust. Be sure to thoroughly go over the entire carpet with the Genesis 950/water mixture, ensuring that the carpet is thoroughly saturated. Once the carpeted has been treated in this manner, allow it to sit for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. This will give the solution the time needed to properly break down stains and kill odor causing bacteria. After this time has elapsed, fill your carpet cleaning machine with ONLY fresh water. Slowly go over all areas that have been initially cleaned using the machine. Doing this will flush everything that has been broken down out of the carpet. At first, the return water may come back black. If so, continue to rinse until you can get the return water as clear as possible. Once you are satisfied with the rinsing, allow the carpet to dry. The results will be a clean, pet odor free carpet. You will likely also notice the carpet feels softer – this is in part to Genesis 950 being soap free.