Why Are Cat Urine Odors So Horrendous?

Let’s be honest, all animal waste has a somewhat erroneous odor, but cat urine is by far the worst urine smell of all which makes cleaning cats stains a VERY important part of your household chores. What better way than keeping an effective cat urine remover such as Genesis 950 as part of your arsenal.

By nature, a cat’s system is intended to very effectively use water, which is why they do not drink as much as other animals such as dogs. As a consequence, cat urine is extremely concentrated both in smell and color. Cat urine is simply a combination of different chemical wastes including uric acid, salt, electrolytes, detoxified substances, and urea. It also contains a pheromone called Felinine, which is a protein that gets stronger over time. Felinine is used not only to attract mates, but to mark their territory and is the reason the longer that cat urine sits, the worse the cat urine odor becomes.

When cat urine sits on a surface for a period of time, the bacteria begins to break down the urea in the urine. This reaction causes ammonia to be released in the urine, which makes the cat urine odor so strong. But beware, if you leave cat stains untreated for a long enough time, the bacteria in urine will release mercaptans which are responsible for the vile smell of skunk sprays. So get your cat urine remover out and start cleaning cat stains before it is too late.


How To Treat Cat Urine Odor With Genesis 950

So now we know that that cat urine odor is a problem, and you need to know how to fix it. The first step is to locate the cat urine stain. Most products sold on the market as cat urine removers make use of a specific enzymatic reaction: the hydrolysis of urea. This is when Genesis 950 comes in. When Genesis 950 and water interact with a cat urine stain, Genesis 950 breaks down the bonds of the cat stain.  Once bonds of the cat urine stain are broken, it becomes water soluble. Solubility allows for stain to lose adherence and be flushed from surface. Once you use our cat stain remover, the cat stain is gone before it had any chance of setting into your floor and turning nasty.

Genesis 950 is especially designed to effectively remove harsh cat urine odors.

Not only are most chemical cleaners on the market harsh, but they rarely treat cat urine odors effectively. Genesis 950 is the toughest cat urine removal product on the market, and you will not be disappointed in the result.