A green cleaner for the ENTIRE home. Remove pet stains & odors. Use as a Carpet Cleaning Solution in any carpet cleaning machine or as a spot cleaner for surface stains. Clean everything from from the kitchen to the bathroom. genesis950 reviews
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Free Spray Bottle With 1 Gallon Purchase

Best pet stain remover

Genesis 950 is the best green cleaning product for all your cleaning needs.


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Genesis 950 Reviews

See why Genesis 950 is the best cleaning product for your home. Remove pet stains from carpet and furniture. Make carpets look and smell professionally cleaned with DIY carpet cleaning. Green cleaning for the kitchen and bathroom.

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FAQ & Contact Info Genesis 950

Amerikal Products Corporation
2115 Northwestern Ave.
Waukegan, IL 60087
Phone: 847-244-3600
To order in Canada: 877-744-1113

Questions? Let’s see if we can answer them!

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