Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks With Genesis 950 For The Patio




When you think about how to spring clean your home don’t forget the outside. With the weather warming up it’s time to get the patio ready. You might notice your patio furniture needs attention. Patio furniture stored in the garage may be covered with dust. Cushions may have water stains. Rugs might be stained. The grill may be covered with grease from last summer. Extend your room by room checklist to include the patio. Genesis 950 makes cleaning easy. Bring your patio to live with a deep cleaning. Remove stains, spills and mold with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 can be used on multiple surfaces. It is the perfect all purpose cleaner for everything from patio carpets to outdoor furniture. Clean plastic, vinyl, metal, wicker and wood furniture as well as the cushions. Get your grill ready for cooking without leaving behind hazardous chemicals. Genesis 950 is the best all purpose cleaner for everything in the yard.


Cleaning Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs add a whole new look to a patio. They are designed to withstand rain, sun and heavy traffic. However they are not immune to everyday stains. Cookouts can lead to food and drink spills. Pets can leave paw prints behind. Rain washes dirt and grime into the rugs. In this example, mold growth, grass stains and oil drippings are just some of the stains sprawled across this rug. Typically, these stains might be extremely hard to remove.

Grass and oil create some of the most stubborn stains. They are so stubborn in fact that many people would just give up on cleaning the rug. Instead they may just purchase a new rug. However outdoor rugs can be expensive. Too expensive to buy year after year. A proper cleaning will remove the stains and restore your rug. Genesis 950 saves you the expense of purchasing a new rug. Use Genesis 950 to remove tough stains.

Spray the stains with a mix of Genesis 950 and water. 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water was used. Spray the stained area. Allow the stain to become heavily soaked with the mixture. As the stain absorbs the mixture it will break down. Let the treated areas soak for about 5 to 10 minutes.

After the solution has been allowed to set into the stain, use a scrub brush, rag, or sponge (as used in this example) to scrub the area clean. As you scrub, you will see the stains break down. Even when using the soft side of the sponge, the stains wipe away easily. With other cleaners, grass strains may take a lot of effort. Genesis 950 allows the stains break down with ease. Focus on the heavily stains and continue to work out the stains.

Once the stained areas have been treated and cleaned, rinse the rug thoroughly. Outdoor rugs can be easily rinsed using a garden hose. Spray the rug clean.

Because Genesis 950 is green it will not harm your hard. Genesis 950 is eco-friendly.

Upon completion of rinsing, allow the rug to dry. It’s hard to believe that this is even the same rug. Genesis 950 removed all the stains. Grass stains, mold growth, grease and oil stains and food spills were all removed with ease in a cleaning process that took about 20 minutes. The longest part was waiting for the rug to dry. Initially this outdoor carpet looked like it was ready to be thrown out. However a proper cleaning made it look like new!


A close up look at the outdoor carpet shows that the grass and oil stains are deep within the fibers. After being cleaned with Genesis 950 the stains are removed and the carpet is restored.



Outdoor patio furniture can become dirty from a number of things. Rain can cause water spots. Dust and dirt can create a layer of residue build up. Birds and bugs can leave behind their droppings. Genesis 950 can easily clean your outdoor furniture. Locate the stain and spray it with the mixture of Genesis 950 and water.

Get the most out of Genesis 950 by using only what you need!

Keep 2 spray bottles on hand. Fill one at 1 part 950 to 7 parts water for basic cleaning.

Fill a second with 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water for tougher cleaning jobs

Whether the stains are from bird droppings, insect residue, dirt or dust, it can all be treated in essentially the same manner. Treat the stains by spraying the area with your desired mixture of Genesis 950 and water. Thoroughly saturate the stains. Once the stains have been thoroughly saturated, allow it to sit. Natural stains, like bird waste, will break it down with little difficulty. Other stains such as rust stains or grass stains, may take a little longer to break down. After the mixture has been given time to be absorbed by the stain, it will lift away easily. For more persistent stains use a sponge or scrub brush.

Once the stain has been broken down, it can then be rinsed away. With outdoor furniture use a garden hose to easily rinse the stains off. If you do not have access to an hose use a spray bottle with clean water, or a damp rag or sponge.

Within a few minutes, the furniture is clean. This process can be used to clean entire pieces of furniture. To clean entire pieces to remove dirt, grime, dust or stains, simply spray the entire piece of furniture and allow the mixture to soak in for a few moments. It is recommended that this be done in the shade as Genesis 950, being eco-friendly, has low VOC levels and evaporates very quickly when exposed to sunlight. In the event that the mixture does dry, anything that has been broken down by the solution will resettle on the furniture’s surface leaving a film. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the furniture pieces after the mixture has sat for a few moments. You will find that stains and dirt residue that typically need some effort to remove will be lifted and rinsed with ease. Again, a benefit of Genesis 950 being green is that is will not damage or harm your yard if used outside.

To clean stain on fabric or upholstery, use the same process. Spray the stained area with a mixture of Genesis 950 and water. In this mixture, the spray bottle was filled with 1/3 Genesis 950 and 2/3 water. Spray the stained area allowing the mixture to fully saturate the stain. Allow the mixture to sit for a few moments. In this example, a lawn chair with water stains from rain is being treated. After the stain has been absorbed and broken down by the solution, wipe with a damp cloth. If needed, fully rinse the area clean. After the stain has been rinsed, allow to dry.

Because Genesis 950 does not contain hazardous chemicals, there is no health risk to food from grills or other surfaces where Genesis 950 has been used.


The grill is often the center of all activity on the patio. Throughout summer oil and grease can build up on the inside of the grill. Typically the grill might not get cleaned very often. In some cases by the time you are done eating and relaxing, the grill is still to hot to clean. When it finally cools off, you might not want to bother with it. Throughout the summer, the buildup increases and a bristle brush just can’t cut through the layers of buildup.

Genesis 950 can be used to remove grease, oil and food buildup from the grill. Dried residue and buildup can be hard to remove. To make it easier the amount of Genesis 950 used can be increased. In this example, Genesis 950 was used at a 50/50 ratio with water. Heavily saturate the entire interior of the grill with the cleaning solution. Saturate thoroughly enough to ensure the grease and build can soak up the mixture. Apply liberally to the point that it drips off the cooking rack. Close the lid to prevent the mixture from evaporating or drying up. Allow to sit for about 20 to 25 minutes. As the mixture begins to work, residue that normally needs to be scraped off will begin to break apart.

As time elapses you will see the mixture break down the grease. Use a sponge or bristle brush to help break away grease and build up. You may need to use a little elbow grease to cut through heavy buildup in some areas.

In the event that some spots are proving to be harder to clean, simply add more of the solution to the stains. In extreme cases, apply a tiny bit of Genesis 950 straight to the persistent stain and work it in. NOTE: Genesis 950 should not be used straight to clean. In instances where a mix of Genesis 950 and water have been applied, adding a small amount of Genesis 950 straight to that area can work with the mixture to further break down tough stains. 

After the grill has been scrubbed clean, rinse with water and allow to dry.



The ultimate cleaning checklist might include some stains you just don’t feel like messing with. One of those items might include concrete. Trying to find how to clean outdoor concrete can be a challenge. Genesis 950 can be used to clean concrete, sidewalks and driveways. Remove grease and oil stains from cars, stains from leaves and berries or just clean off dirt and mud. Too often people try cleaning concrete with bleach. Bleach is terrible for the environment and definitely something you do not to wash off into your yard or in the water drainage system.

In a review by The Small Things, shares how to clean a patio without a pressure washer using Genesis 950.

The air conditioning unit caused mold growth on the concrete where water dripped. In addition to the mold, pollen, dirt and sludge built up on the concrete. Genesis 950 was used in a spray bottle at a ratio of 1/4 genesis 950 to 3/4 water. The area was saturated with the mixture and allowed to sit for a few moments. After sitting, the surface was then cleaned with a scrub brush and then rinsed clean. The reviewer had been trying to find how to clean concrete patio of mold with no luck until Genesis 950 came to the rescue.

The second example of concrete cleaning was on the front porch. Door mats can leave behind a residue from the rubber mat or from the dye in the fibers. The door mat stain on the front porch was from a previous owner. Other cleaning products were used but could not remove the stain. Genesis 950 was used at a 1:4 ratio with water. The stained area was then sprayed. After the solution soaked in, the stains were scrubbed off.

Genesis 950 is also the best way to clean driveway concrete. Clean oil and grease stains by allowing the mixture to soak into the stains. For even better results, use a pressure washer to really hit the stains hard.

The uses for Genesis 950 are endless when it comes to the patio and garden. Use it to clean garden decorations, fences, garden tools, flower pots and so on. basically if something is dirty, Genesis 950 can clean it. Use it on the outside of the house. power wash siding, clean doors, windows and brick.

This spring don’t forget the patio. Get the most out of your backyard. Clean outdoor furniture, rugs and cushions. Enhance your home by cleaning doors, window sills, brick and siding. Give your grill a deep cleaning so it’s ready for the next barbecue. Use Genesis 950 to clean outdoor furniture. Enjoy summer with a clean patio.