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Genesis 950 is the perfect cleaning product for all your vehicles. Clean car interiors and exteriors, trucks, boats, trailers and cycles. Genesis 950 is one of the best car detailing products to make your vehicle look like it was professionally cleaned. Remove spills and stains from upholstery and flooring. Clean grease, oil and tar from the exterior, grill and wheels. Genesis 950 can even be used to degrease engines. As a green cleaner, Genesis 950 can safely be used outside without the fear of runoff damaging landscaping or introducing hazardous chemicals into the watershed.

As a surfactant based cleaner, Genesis 950 works with water to break down stains by making them water soluble. When a stained area becomes water soluble, the stain looses adherence and can be flushed from the surface. When cleaning with Genesis 950, the ratio of cleaning mixture to water can be varied based on your specific cleaning needs. For dashboards and interior surfaces, a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water will be enough to clean hard surfaces such as the console and steering column. When cleaning carpet and upholstery stains in cars, a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water will be better for removing spills and stains on car seats. If you are trying to remove tar, grease, sap or other residue on the exterior a 50/50 mix may be best suited for that particular cleaning task. Being a concentrate, Genesis gives you complete control to use as much, or as little is needed for each job.



Begin by vacuuming any loose debris from the carpeting. Remove any loose dirt, mud, leaves or in the event you are cleaning in Winter or Spring, any road salt that has been tracked into the car. Try to break up any dried debris with the vacuum if possibly.

After you have vacuumed and removed any solid matter such as dirt, mud or road salt, your car’s carpeting is ready to be cleaned. The more you remove from the carpet, the easier it is to clean any stains that are in the fibers of the carpet.

There are 2 ways to clean car carpeting and upholstery with Genesis 950. The first way is spot cleaning. This is most effective when there is a small or isolated stains. To clean, saturate the stained area with a mixture of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. Once saturated, allow the stain to sit for a few minutes to break down the stain.

Once the cleaning solution has been given time to soak into the stain and break it down, the stain can then be scrubbed away from the surface. In this example, a scrub brush was used to agitate the stain within the carpet fibers. Scrub the area clean, then rinse with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

If your car’s carpet is heavily stained, the best way to clean the car interior is with a carpet cleaning machine. Most carpet cleaning machines have attachments that can be used. The attachments make it easy to get inside of the car as well as under the seats.

In this example, a Bissell Spotbot was used as it is a small portable machine. For this carpet, the mixing ratio used was 1/3 Genesis 950 and 2/3 water. Go over the entire area slowly releasing the solution into the carpet. Allow the mixture to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes, then rinse the carpet using just clean water in the machine.

Genesis 950 is the perfect DIY car detailing solution for upholstery as well as carpet. Use Genesis 950 as a spot cleaner or use it in a carpet cleaning machine to thoroughly clean your car interior. When cleaning car seats upholstery with Genesis 950 using a carpet cleaning machine, use the attachment to clean the seats. In this example the recommended ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water was used. After going over the upholstery, allow the mixture to soak for about 5 – 10 minutes. After the solution has broken down any stains, fill the carpet cleaning machine with clean water and rinse the areas you have cleaned. This will flush out dirt, dust, stains and other debris.

If you are spot cleaning a specific stain, spray the area with the solution and allow the mixture to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes. After this time, use a damp towel or sponge to rinse and wipe the stain from the area.


DIY car interior detailing with Genesis 950 can remove dirt, dust, spills and stains from car upholstery. Car seats can become messy, especially with kids or pets. Pet owners and smokers may want to clean upholstery with Genesis 950 to remove odors.

When cleaning the inside of a car, using Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine with an attachment will provide the best results. Clean the entire seat using Genesis 950 at a 1/3 to 2/3 water ratio. After cleaning the car upholstery, allow to sit, then rinse using clean water in the machine.

Clean Floor Mats

Floor mats can be cleaned in the same manner as carpeting or upholstery. Use Genesis 950 mixed with water as either a spot cleaner, or in a machine to evenly clean the entire mat. Being as the floor mats can be removed from the vehicle, they can also be cleaning using a power washer or even a hose.

In this particular example, removing road salt was the primary goal. Over winter months, road salt collected in the car can form deposits in the carpet where they dry and harden into the carpet fibers. By spraying the dried road salt with the Genesis 950 and water mixture, the bonds of the salt and stains will begin to deteriorate. With the help of a textured sponge, the buildup can be broken away as the stain loses its adherence.

After the stain has been broken down, you can see that the salt stains are eliminated. For other stains on the floor mat, work to remove them by either increasing the ratio of Genesis 950 to water, or by allowing the mixture to sit for a longer period of time before rinsing.


Clean Car Interiors – Dashboards

Genesis 950 is also the best cleaner for car dashboards. When used to clean car interiors, Genesis 950 can get into small crevasses and spaces where it can work to break down the bonds of stains and lift them from tight, hard to clean areas.

Spray the steering column, air vents, center consoles, drink holders and control panels with Genesis 950 and water.

Allow to sit for a few moments and then wipe from the surface. This will pull any dirt or debris from textured dashboard surfaces or from hard to clean areas surrounding buttons.

For drink holders where spills and stains have built up over time, let the cleaning solution to sit for a longer time period to break down those stains more effectively.

After you have cleaned, if needed, wipe down the cleaned areas with a damp cloth.


Car Detailing – Degrease Engines

Genesis 950 can also used to degrease engines. Follow the directions in the video on how to degrease an engine. Because Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner, it works with water to break the bonds of hard to remove stains like grease, oil, tar and engine fluids. Once the bonds of these stains have been broken, they become water soluble and can be rinsed away with water. While some stains may still require a little bit of elbow grease depending on how long they have been building up, the time saved using Genesis 950 will be quite dramatic versus cleaning with other products.

Another advantage of cleaning cars with Genesis 950 is that it is environmentally friendly. This means that you will not be breathing in hazardous chemicals while cleaning. it also means that any run off of the product will not harm landscaping or deposit hazardous toxins into the watershed.

Make your car look like it was professionally detailed and smell like it was new. Genesis 950 is used by several professional car detailers for some of the hardest stains to remove. Many mechanics have Genesis 950 on hand to clean up greasy spills, smudges and stains. Car dealerships even use Genesis 950 to make sure cars are ready for the showroom. Whether you are a parent with a car full of kids spilling drinks, juice or food, a commuter with a bad habit of spilling coffee, or a car fanatic always tinkering with greasy tools and parts, Genesis 950 will be the best car cleaning product for your needs. It is also just as effective on the exterior. Remove grease, tar, sap or insect residue from frames, grills and wheel wells. DIY Car Detailing for your entire vehicle! Clean car interiors, exteriors and engines.


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