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Genesis 950 is the perfect solution for deep cleaning carpets yourself. Throughout Winter, your carpet sees a lot of traffic. Muddy boots, shoes and paws might be making a pathway through your home. A wet dog might be leaving your carpet smelling foul. Dampness from the gloomy weather can act as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria in the padding. Dust and dander that have settled into the carpet while the house is closed up can cause allergies to flare up throughout the Winter months if not properly cleaned. A thorough cleaning will make your carpet look and smell it’s best. There are a number of benefits to cleaning your carpet other than just having a great looking home. Genesis 950 is the perfect do it yourself carpet cleaner solution.

Keeping carpet clean is an important task and should be done not just to keep your house looking presentable, but also to reduce factors that can contribute to poor health. Spring and Fall are the best times to give your carpet a thorough cleaning to remove any buildup which has settled into the carpet over the seasons. However it always seems the carpet needs to be cleaned when it is most inconvenient. An unexpected spill often triggers the urge to clean before the stain sets in. Because of this, people typically grab the most convenient cleaner and start scrubbing away.

When cleaning carpets, especially this time of the year, it is important to not just clean the visible surface, but also to clean the padding. The best way to do this is with a carpet cleaning machine. There are a number of benefits to cleaning your carpet with a machine. Carpet cleaning machines allow you to release enough water into the carpet to ensure the water reaches the padding, where it is crucial to remove the moisture that can promote bacteria and mold growth. Many machines also allow you to control water temperature. Using warm water allows the carpet fibers to extract in a manner that loosens debris they have trapped inside of them. Perhaps the most important advantage to using a machine is the extraction of debris in the carpet. The suction of the machine will pull out excess water, agitate particles trapped in the fibers and thoroughly rinse your carpet.


Genesis 950 works unlike other cleaners. Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant  based cleaner. A surfactant based cleaner works with water to make stains water soluble. When a stain becomes water soluble, it loses adherence and can break away from the surface it is attached too. The vast majority of carpet cleaners are soap based. Soap works in a manner to attract dirt. When cleaning with soap, the oils from the soap pull dirt towards it. This might be helpful when cleaning on a solid surface, but when cleaning a carpet with soap, that soap travels downward in the carpet and pulls the dirt with it. As a result, the dirt is not pulled out of the carpet, but rather absorbed into it with the soap. When this happens, it can trap dirt below the surface, stiffen the fibers or cause stains to reappear. Even with continual rinsing, this can still occur as the soap’s bubbling and foaming simply agitate the cleaner and cause it to spread.

Unlike soap, Genesis 950 breaks the stain down rather than attract it to an area. Once a stain has been broken down, it can be flushed out of the area with clean water.

Another issue with soap is that it does not kill all the bacteria or germs that might be in the padding. Genesis 950 has properties to kill germs, bacteria and mold that might be present in the padding. This is very important as the process of carpet cleaning requires water to be used. If a carpet is cleaned with a soap based cleaner that does not have antibacterial properties to it, the liquid added to the carpet can further promote the growth of bacteria and mold. Unlike soap based cleaners, Genesis 950 does not just remove such growth, it prevents that growth from continuing after the carpet has been cleaned.

Soap can also leave a residue behind in the carpet. This residue can make the carpet fibers feel firm, slimy and lifeless. Even rinsing with clean water can not remove this layer of film as the bubbling of the soap from the agitation of water simply creates suds which resettle right back into the carpet. because Genesis 950 is not soap based, such foaming does not occur and a thorough rinsing after initial cleaning will remove everything that has been broken down by the Genesis 950.

How to clean your carpets

Recently, there have been many shifts in cleaning that center on health issues. Cleaning products can be dangerous. One of the most dangerous cleaning products is actually carpet cleaners! Many carpet cleaning solutions contain perchlorethylene or ammonium hydroxide. Perchlorethylene is a corrosive element. As it breaks down stains in your carpet, it also impacts those in the household. Skin irritation, eye irritation and respiratory damage have all been traced to this element. Ammounium hydroxide is a carcinogen which can damage the kidneys, liver and nervous system. Cancer, allergies and overall health issues have been traced to elements in chemical based cleaning products. While your carpet might appear clean, it actually becomes an unseen danger for you, your family and your pets when cleaned with such toxins.

Genesis 950 does not contain any of these toxins. In fact, Genesis 950 is a green, sustainable, environmentally friendly product. Using Genesis 950, you do not have to worry about putting you family in harms way when cleaning. Because it is a surfactant, it uses science to break down stains. Making a stain water soluble is far more effective on stains than attacking it with harmful chemicals. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to have a clean carpet!

There have been some homemade remedies and alternatives to chemical based carpet cleaners, however they do have issues. One of the most common is the use of vinegar in carpet. If you have pets, this is the WORST thing you could possible use to clean carpets. Even the Humane Society warns against using vinegar (or ammonia) to clean carpets if you have pets. Animals are drawn to urinate in a spot where they smell they have gone to the bathroom before. For cats, this means a litter box. For dogs, they smell out certain spots – preferably outside. Urine has an acidic base. It is this acidic base that helps animals find where they have gone in the past, and in turn where they should continue to go. Vinegar, like urine, has an acidic base. If a carpet is cleaned with vinegar, the odor of that acidic base can be picked up by both cats and dogs. Because animals can not differentiate between the acid base of urine, and the acidic base of vinegar, your pet is likely to urinate in that spot. This is often one of the reasons an animal might continue to go in a pot that was previously “cleaned” with vinegar. Genesis 950 will not only clean pet stains in carpet, but because it has antibacterial elements, it will kill the urine and remove the acidic odor of that urine.




For general cleaning and basic surface stain removal, use Genesis 950 in a spray bottle at a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. In the step by step example, Genesis 950 was used to remove a rust stain that had developed over a number of years from a metal file cabinet that sat on the carpeting. Using Genesis 950 as a spot cleaner, the stain was easily removed using the following steps:

1. Locate and identify the stain. If the stain is food, a pet accident, makeup or any type of stain that has solid matter, clean up as much as you can with a paper towel or rag. With this stain being rust, there was no solid matter that could be wiped up or removed.

2. Spray the area with the mixture of Genesis 950 and water. be sure to fully saturate the stain. Once saturated, allow the mixture to sit on the stain for a few minutes. With this particular stain, allowing it to sit for about 2 – 3 minutes was plenty of time. For more aggressive stains, you can allow the mixture to sit for a longer period of time. In extreme cases where the stain is stubborn, you can also increase the ratio of Genesis 950 to water to a 50/50 mix.

3. After the solution has been absorbed by the stain, use a sponge, rag or towel with clean water to remove the stain. Depending on the nature of the stain, it might take a little effort to remove. Because the rust stain was in the fibers, a textured sponge was used to break away the stain after it had been loosened by the cleaning solution.

4. Once the stain has been removed, blot the area with a towel to remove excess moisture and allow the carpet to dry.

This process can also be used on furniture stains. In the following example, Genesis 950 is used to remove pet stains from furniture with the same directions outlined above.



Genesis 950 is the best way to clean carpet yourself. Do it yourself carpet cleaning is not only easy with Genesis 950, but it is also cost effective and typical results are better than hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Because Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner, it does not leave soap or harmful chemicals in your carpet. Instead, it works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. When Genesis 950 is used in a carpet cleaning machine, it can clean the padding as well as the surface. In doing so, it works to break down and remove stains, dirt, dust and dander, leaving your carpet looking beautiful. By removing debris and any residue left behind from other cleaners, it will also make your carpet feel softer and look more plush. If odors are an issue with your carpet, Genesis 950 contains antibacterial elements which kill mold, bacteria and other odor causing particles in your carpet. The result is a fresh smelling carpet and home. Using Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine can give your carpet and home a whole new feel.

Genesis 950 works in all carpet cleaning machines. These machines can be rented at grocery or hardware stores, or purchased at most retailers. One of our favorite machines is the Bissell Pro Heat.

There are 2 basic designs of carpet cleaning machines. Some will have a single tank for both solution and water. This type of machine is most common with rental machines. Other machines will have 2 tanks. One tank will hold the clean water and the secondary tank will hold the solution.

For machines with 1 tank, fill 1/3 of the tank with Genesis 950 and the remaining 2/3 with clean water. Typically, this mixture is the most adequate for cleaning carpets however it can be varied based on your needs. If your carpet is relatively clean, but you would just like to freshen it up, you can go with a mixture as low as 1/7 Genesis 950 to 6/7 water. If your carpet is in an extremely dirty state or you are dealing with odors in the carpet, you can go as high as a 50/50 mix with Genesis 95 and water. Being a concentrate, you have complete control over how much Genesis 950 to use. As you use the product, you will get a better feel for which ratio is best for the cleaning need on hand.

For machines with 2 tanks, the instructions are a little easier. Simply fill the solution up with Genesis 950 and fill the water tank with water. these machines generally have a control switch with settings such as “low,” “medium” or “heavy”. Adjusting the setting will determine how much solution is extracted from the respective tank. For pet stains, mud and dirt or food spills, use the highest setting. For general carpet cleaning, a lower setting might be more suitable to ensure that the solution in the tank lasts longer.



1. Once you have filled your machine with the desired ratio of Genesis 950 to water, you can begin carpet cleaning. If there are severe stains on the carpet, pretreat those stains using the steps outlined above.

2. Slowly go over the carpet ensuring that you are releasing the solution evenly. Be sure to fully saturate the carpet. If you have odors in your carpet, it is very important that you are releasing enough solution to get into the padding.

3. Allow the carpet to sit for about 30 – 40 minutes. This will give the solution time to effectively break down stains and build up in your carpeting. In cases where the stains or odors are more prominent, allow the solution to sit for a longer period of time. In many cases, customers will perform this cleaning late in the evening to allow the mixture to sit overnight, or early in the morning and allow the mixture to sit for the day. If you choose to allow the carpet to sit for a long period, do NOT allow the carpet to dry. If the solution dries up, everything that it had broken down will also dry up and resettle into the carpet.

4. After the solution has set for the desired time period, fill your carpet cleaning machine with ONLY clean water. In machines with 1 tank, you can fill the entire tank with water. in machines with 2 tanks, typically they have a “rinse” setting which will only extract water from the water tank. Go over the entire carpet very slowly using just water. This will flush out everything that has been broken down. Because Genesis 950 is such an effective cleaner, it will break down stains, dirt, dust, dander and anything else that might be in your carpet. As a result, the first time you rinse you will likely see the return water come back black. If this is happening, rinse until the return water comes back clear. If you are seeing a lot of foam or soap suds, that is not Genesis 950, but rather the Genesis 950 breaking down residues that other cleaners used in the past have left behind.

5. Once the carpet has been rinsed clean, allow the carpet to dry and avoid foot traffic on the carpet while it is still damp. Increase the drying process speed by using fans or dehumidifiers.



What temperature water should I use for carpet cleaning?

We recommend using lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it can actually melt the adhesive used in the padding. if the water is hot, and the adhesive begins to melt, it can leave a yellowish residue throughout the fibers.

Should I pretreat the area I am going to be cleaning with a carpet cleaning machine?

You do not have to pretreat the area. You certainly can, however Genesis 950 is typically powerful enough to break down the stains in carpet without any pretreating.

My carpet cleaning machine extracts as it cleans. How will the solution be able to stay in the carpet?

While most carpet cleaning machines do extract as they clean, sucking up the mixture released as it is in operation, th extraction is not powerful enough to suck up all the solution laid on the carpet as you first go over it. it is for this reason we recommend that you go over the carpet slowly.

Why do I smell vinegar or ammonia after carpet cleaning?

If you smell vinegar or ammonia in the carpet it means that you did not complete the final rinse after cleaning, or you did not rinse thoroughly enough. While Genesis 950 has neither ammonia or vinegar in it, if you have previously cleaned your carpet with either of these, or have pets that have gone to the bathroom on the carpet, the odor will remain until properly rinsed. As Genesis 950 works in the carpet to break down stains, it also breaks down residue left from other cleaners. When agitated, the smell from those cleaners or pet urine can resurface. If you do smell this, that is a good sign that Genesis 950 is breaking down old stains and residue. To eliminate this odor, continue to rinse to extract everything that has been broken down during the cleaning process.

I’ve had professional cleaners come in and they were not able to remove the stains. Will Genesis 950 work?

We have had tremendous feedback in regards to customers who hired a professional cleaner that was not able to remove stains, but then tried Genesis 950 and it removed the stains. Most professional cleaners used a soap based cleaner. These soap based cleaners can leave behind a residue. Soaps also do not have the ability to break the bonds of stains like Genesis 950. In most cases, we would like to say “Yes, Genesis 950 will remove stains professionals can’t.” However there are elements that vary how easy it is for a stain to be removed. For example, if the carpet is actually discolored, this is different than being stained and it is not reversible. Another factor is what cleaners have been previously used on the stain. There are certain household cleaners that are not designed for carpet cleaning and if used can actually lock the stain into the carpet, preventing it from being removed.

What happens if my children or pets go on the carpet while it is still wet? 

Absolutely nothing. Genesis 950 is a green, all purpose cleaner. There are no hazardous chemicals in Genesis 950 that can harm you, your children or your pets.

Don’t be embarrassed by dingy, dirty carpets. Genesis 950 is the best carpet cleaner to make your carpets look, smell and feel professionally cleaned. Easy, cost effective DIY Carpet Cleaning for your entire home. Genesis 950 is the best carpet cleaning solution.

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