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Since 2011, Genesis 950 has been put to the test by several reviewers. It has been put to the test on everything. From pet stains to furniture, kitchens to bathrooms and on surfaces from carpet to concrete, Genesis 950 has proven that it does work! It’s one thing for us to tell you how great it is, but it means so much more coming from real households. Take a look at some of the reviews on Genesis 950. All reviews were done with no compensation to the reviewer. Each reviewer was provided a gallon of Genesis 950 in exchange for their honest opinion. To our delight, the reviewers all loved Genesis 950 and everything it does! Because today’s consumer takes the time to research products before committing, we have made it easy for you to see that Genesis 950 does work by highlighting some of the reviews. In some cases, Genesis 950 has outlasted the review sites!!!

Genesis 950 Review – A Lucky Ladybug

A Lucky Ladybug was able to test out Genesis 950 on carpet stains. Having a dog with a sensitive stomach creates issues when the dog eats something other than it’s regular food. When this happens, diarrhea! Genesis 950 was able to remove the carpet stain and the odor in one application.

A Lucky Ladybug – Genesis 950 Review

“I feel like this is going to be a cleaner that is going to come in use for tons of Spring/Summer projects” – A Lucky Ladybug

In addition to removing pet stains from carpet, A Lucky Ladybug also used Genesis 950 to clean bird droppings off a wood deck. The dropping had been baked into the wood. However with Genesis 950, all that needed to be done was to spray the stains, let the mixture sit in for a few moments and then wipe clean. Another project that In the garage, Genesis 950 was used to clean mildew out of a refrigerator that had been sitting in the garage. The mold wiped clean and the fridge smelled great!

“I have mixed it 50/50 in a spray bottle and have found it works better than anything else I have tried on the following:

1. My outside grill. It cleaned baked on grease almost as well as oven cleaner without the toxic fumes and mess.
2. Pet stains went away completely making immediate machine cleaning unnecessary. I couldn’t believe how well this works. While it may not be economical to use a 50/50 mixture on all my carpets, spotting with genesis 950 makes it economical to use virtually any cleaning solution.
3. Spot cleaning my outdoor furniture where my dogs jump after they have gotten muddy.
4. My stainless steal hood over my range. This gets gritty from grease and Genesis 950 really works better on this than stainless cleaner. In general, I am sold on Genesis 950 and anyone with a pet needs to use it.” – Tom

“Your product is AMAZING!!! I bought a 1 gallon container and took it to my daughters house to help her clean her “room of shame”. Dog stains everywhere and nicotine on the walls. Her kitchen was badly greased and nicotine on the white cupboards. Used Genesis 950 with a commercial carpet shampooer and was floored as to how well the carpets were cleaned.” – Jennifer

“Omg!!!! This formula saved us from having to replace the carpet!! Pure awesomeness!!! Thank you!!” – Christy

“I have finally found my miracle! I have 7 dogs I have rescued throughout the past few years and the pet smell has been a huge issue. A couple of them have had accidents due to issues they have so the odor has been a battle. It was to the point that when we walked in the door there was NO doubt that we had pets.

 I was skeptical because I have tried soooooo many products that promised they could combat the odor. ummmm…Not so much. Genesis 950 delivered on what they said. After thoroughly shampooing my carpet with it, I can come into my house and would never know there were 7 dogs running around. THERE IS NO MORE ODOR! You have no idea how happy I am. I have gone through this for years. I wish I had found you sooner. I now feel comfortable laying down on my carpet to play with my pets and not wonder what I’m laying on. You have gained a loyal customer for life. I only ordered the gallon size just to see if it would work. My next purchase will be the 5 gallon. I am never going to be without it again. THANK YOU!” – Liz

“I can not BELIEVE this product It is by far the best carpet cleaner I have ever used …it got out pet stains that I thought would never come out…I.m just ecstatic about how good this stuff is….thank you thank you thank you. It got stains out of the bedroom carpet that was here when we bought the house 7 years ago, I can’t say enough about this product. I can hardly wait to try it on other things.” – Dennis

“I’m AMAZED!!!! I got my gallon and spray bottle yesterday, so before bed I tested out the Genesis 950 using the Rug Dr machine on my bedroom carpet because my bedroom carpet was (note: was) SO stained and smelly from my puppy peeing (she has kidney disease so she always has to go….we now take her out to pee every half hour!!) the smell has literally kept me up night after night and I’ve even sle…pt out on the couch because of it and I’ve been panicking because I don’t want friends and family visiting with the way the carpets are and I’ve tried everything! So, I did just the bedroom last night, it’s dry this morning…no smell and no stains and it looks brand new again. You guys really have no idea how much this has helped my husband and I! I will be doing the rest of my apartment today and taking before and after photos which I wish I did with my bedroom carpet! Thank you guys SO much! My mind is blown by this stuff. I’ve never been happier with a product and it was absolutely worth the money! I will be buying more! :D” – Erica

“I purchased a gallon of genesis 950 from your web site. i have to say i am blown away. a friend of mine had carpet so dirty from work boots and stains from i dont know what, that i thought nothing would help. i used genesis 950 and and a rug doctor machine, and it looks like brand new carpet.” – Anna

“put me on your payroll!! i will be singing your praises for a long time. 7 year old carpet in childrens room came amazingly clean as did my car seats and furniture. this is the best thing since sliced bread. super fast delivery. i read somewhere that this may be carried in home depot. any updates on that? we are raising five grandchildren ages 6-11, (yes thats right 6-11) so we will be using a lot of genesis 950! I know how upsetting it is to have nice furniture that you have to keep covered because of the stains. I want others to feel the excitement of not having to do that anymore. thanks again.” – Virginia

“this has got to be the best carpet cleaner I have ever used… pet stains gone.unbelievable…food stains gone..coffee stains gone…unreal the best thank you …thank you” – Denny

“This stuff is awesome! no more stains and smells and I have tried everything… from vinegar to tide to water to that stuff from home depot. Genesis 950 is all you need! Thanks for a great product!” – Janet

“Just used my Genesis to remove all signs that the Bernese Mt Dog had not made it outside in time . . . what a great product. This is truly an amazing product. . .Sophie the dog has met her match. It took lipstick out of a plush carpet like magic.” – Libby

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