Pet Stains


Getting pet stains out of carpet isn’t always the easiest job. There are many DIY instructions to remove pet stains from carpet, but often they cause more issues than they do resolution. Remove pet stains and odors from carpet, rugs, furniture and flooring quickly and easily with Genesis 950. As a surfactant based cleaner, Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains.  When a stain’s bonds are broken, the stain then becomes water soluble and can be flushed clean from the surface.


Genesis 950 is the best pet stain remover for carpet. It can be used to remove several types of pet stains. Remove urine, vomit and feces stains as well as marks from spraying, furniture licking, oil from fur and marks on furniture, upholstery and walls. There are two basic types of cleaning these stains with Genesis 950. Spot cleaning can be used for smaller visible stains, and machine cleaning can be used for heavier stains or urine odor.


  • Foul smelling pet stains should be cleaned with carpet cleaning machine
  • 50/50 mixing ratio
  • Pet urine stains can seep into cracks in concrete, wood or plywood. It is very important the 50/50
  • Mixture reaches the sub-floor area to remove odors and stains for good.


Spot cleaning can be used for visible stains on carpet, furniture or other surfaces. To achieve the best results, use Genesis 950 at a ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. Spray the stained area being sure to thoroughly saturate the stain. This will allow the mixture to soak into the stains and break it down. Give the mixture about 5 to 10 minutes to thoroughly work into the stains. After the mixture has soaked into the stain, use a sponge or rag with clean water to rinse the area. The stain should be able to be pulled away from the surface. In the event that the stain is older or heavier, a second application may be needed.

Spot Cleaning

  • General Cleaning – mix 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water in spray bottle or container
  • Heavier Stains – mix 1/3 parts Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts water (you can go as high as 50/50 on difficult stains).
  • Spray stained area with mixture and allow to sit 2 minutes
  • Scrub area with damp brush, sponge or rag
  • Rinse with clean water
  • If stain is not completely gone, repeat the above and increase amount of Genesis 950 used.


When urine odor is an issue, machine cleaning is a far more effective means of removing odors. Typically when urine odor is an issue, it is because the urine has seeped into the padding. The basic spot cleaning instructions demonstrated above are not effective for removing urine odor as that type of cleaning is simply to remove surface stains and does not get into the padding. The best pet odor remover for carpets is Genesis 950 when used in a carpet cleaning machine. This will allow the mixture to get below the carpet surface to properly break down and remove odor below the surface. In the event of heavy visible stains, machine cleaning can also be more effective than spot cleaning as it provides extra pressure and suction in breaking down stains trapped in the fibers.

There are two basic types of carpet cleaning machines. The first type, which is more predominate among rented carpet cleaning machines has 1 tank which holds both the clean water and the cleaning solution. In these types of machines, fill the tank with 1/3 Genesis 950 and 2/3 water. In extreme cases, that ratio can be bumped up to a 50/50 mix. The second type of carpet cleaning machine, which is more predominant in store bought machines for the home, has 2 tanks. One tank is for water, one tank is for solution. In these types of machines, fill the solution tank with Genesis 950 and the water tank with clean water. These machines tend to be equipped with a setting which determines how much solution to extract from the machine. Typically with set in stains, the highest setting is the most appropriate.

Once the machine is set up with the proper mixing ratios, you can begin cleaning the carpet. Be sure to take your time and slowly go over the carpet. By going over the carpet slowly, you will allow the mixture to get into the carpet fibers and padding. This is imperative if the issue is pet odor. Pet urine seeps into the padding. When the mixture of Genesis 950 and water is released into the padding, it can then break down the stains and work to remove the odor.

When the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, let the mixture sit for 30 – 45 minutes. This gives the solution the time needed to properly break down the stains. In extreme cases, the mixture can be left to sit longer. There are many customers who will perform the initial cleaning either at night, or early in the morning. They then allow the mixture to sit for the duration of the night or day. If you do choose to allow the mixture to sit for a prolonged period of time, it is important that you do not let the carpet dry out. If the carpet dries before rinsing, the stains which have been broken down will resettle into the carpet.

After the carpet has sat for your allotted time period, you must thoroughly rinse the carpet with clean water. This is very important. rinsing the carpet with clean water will flush out everything that has been broken down. In addition to breaking down stains from pets, Genesis 950 will also break down residue from previous cleaners, dirt, dust and dander. When you first rinse, do not be surprised if the return water comes back black. This is as a result of all the buildup being broken down. If your return water is brackish, continue rinsing until the water begins to come back clear.

Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly. Use a dehumidifier or fans to speed up the drying process. Try to avoid walking on the carpet while drying. When the carpet has dried, the odor should be gone and your carpet should feel plush and free of stains or odors.


  • In machines with 1 compartment for water and solution, mix 1/3 part Genesis 950 to 2/3 parts water. (cold or warm water) Cleaning pet stains that have seeped into carpet use a 50/50 mixture of water and Genesis 950.
  • In machines with 2 separate compartments, one is for water and the other for cleaning formula. Do not pre-mix Genesis 950 and water.  Fill the cleaning solution compartment with Genesis 950 and the other with water(cold or warm).
  • The low, medium and high settings will automatically mix the water and Genesis 950 as they are applied to carpet.


  • Pre-treat stains with mixture of Genesis 950 and water as outlined in spot cleaning instructions.
  • Slowly go over carpet with desired ratio of Genesis 950 and water in your machine
  • Fully saturate area you are cleaning
  • Allow carpet to sit 30-40 minutes to allow Genesis 950 to break down stains
  • Fill your machine with only water. If your machine has separate compartment for cleaning solution,
  • remove compartment or change setting so only water is dispensed from machine
  • You may notice your return water is black. Keep repeating the rinse until the you are satisfied with
  • results. In high traffic areas it may take several rinses to produce clear water
  • Allow to dry before foot traffic is allowed on carpet.


Stains from pets are not limited to carpets. Furniture can become unsightly from these stains and make your living environment uncomfortable. Pets allowed on furniture can permeate the upholstery with their odor. Muddy paws and wet dogs can leave behind stains or oils from their skin. In some cases, licking the furniture might be an issue. Genesis 950 can be for many types of furniture and upholstery. We always suggest testing a small area first before applying to fabric. The instructions for cleaning furniture are very similar to that of removing stains from carpet.

Spot clean furniture at the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio outlined in the carpet cleaning tutorial. Spray the stained area. Allow the solution to sit for 5 – 10 minutes. Rinse the stain away with clean water.

The majority of carpet cleaning machines have a hose attachment. This attachment can be highly effective when cleaning stains and odors from furniture. Again, use the cleaning ratio of 1/3 Genesis 950 to 2/3 water. Using the attachment hose, slowly go over the furniture. This will allow the mixture to get under the surface of the upholstery. Take your time going over the furniture. Allow the mixture to sit for about 5  10 minutes. Typically cleaning furniture takes a little bit of time, so by the time you have cleaned the entire piece, enough time has elapsed that you can begin rinsing where you first began to clean. Like carpet cleaning, it is important that after you have cleaned to thoroughly rinse the area. This will flush out everything the 950 has broken down. Do not be surprised at how dirty the return water is. You may need to rinse a couple times to ensure the return water is coming back clear.