Since 2011, Genesis 950 has been put to the test by several reviewers. It has been put to the test on everything. From pet stains to furniture, kitchens to bathrooms and on surfaces from carpet to concrete, Genesis 950 has proven that it does work! It’s one thing for us to tell you how great it is, but it means so much more coming from real households. Take a look at some of the reviews on Genesis 950. All reviews were done with no compensation to the reviewer. Each reviewer was provided a gallon of Genesis 950 in exchange for their honest opinion. To our delight, the reviewers all loved Genesis 950 and everything it does! Because today’s consumer takes the time to research products before committing, we have made it easy for you to see that Genesis 950 does work by highlighting some of the reviews. In some cases, Genesis 950 has outlasted the review sites!!!

Genesis 950 Review – A Lucky Ladybug

A Lucky Ladybug was able to test out Genesis 950 on carpet stains. Having a dog with a sensitive stomach creates issues when the dog eats something other than it’s regular food. When this happens, diarrhea! Genesis 950 was able to remove the carpet stain and the odor in one application.

A Lucky Ladybug – Genesis 950 Review

“I feel like this is going to be a cleaner that is going to come in use for tons of Spring/Summer projects” – A Lucky Ladybug

In addition to removing pet stains from carpet, A Lucky Ladybug also used Genesis 950 to clean bird droppings off a wood deck. The dropping had been baked into the wood. However with Genesis 950, all that needed to be done was to spray the stains, let the mixture sit in for a few moments and then wipe clean. Another project that In the garage, Genesis 950 was used to clean mildew out of a refrigerator that had been sitting in the garage. The mold wiped clean and the fridge smelled great!

Genesis 950 Review – A2Z Reviews

A2Z Reviews used Genesis 950 in a number of ways to really show that it is an all purpose cleaner. Genesis 950 can truly be used to replace all the different cleaning products in your home. One of the most popular reasons purchase Genesis 950 is to clean carpets. A2Z Reviews faced a challenge many dog owners have . . . the carpet smelled like dog and nothing would remove the odor. Like most pet owners, they had tried everything. Genesis 950 was the ONLY cleaner that did remove pet odor from carpet.

A2Z Reviews – Genesis 950 Review

“This is without a doubt the best cleaner I have ever used on my carpet” – A2Z Reviews

In the review, Genesis 950 was used to clean children’s furniture. Over the years, spills and stains dulled the color and give the furniture a dingy appearance. Using a mixture of Genesis 950 and water, the furniture was sprayed down, allowed to sit for 5 minutes, then wiped away. Not only did Genesis 950 remove the stains, it left the colors vibrant!

Being an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 can be used throughout the entire home. For general cleaning, the recommended mixing ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This doesn’t sound like very much, but a little 950 goes a long way! This is a huge benefit from a financial standpoint. For general cleaning at this ratio, 1 gallon of concentrate becomes 7 gallons of cleaning solution.

Using Genesis 950 at this ratio, A2Z Reviews easily cleaned the inside of a microwave. Food that splattered, stained and hardened on the interior could be easily broken down and wiped away.

This same ratio was used to clean a door. Between pets and kids, the door was covered in everything from nose prints to fingerprints. Genesis 950 was able to easily break these stains down and wipe them away. Because of the way Genesis 950 works, it is able to get into crevasses, break the stains down and pull them out.

Genesis 950 Review – Ahh-Mazing Reviews


Ahh-Mazing Reviews echoed a popular sentiment. They had a carpet cleaning machine they loved, but the brand that manufactured the machine offered a line of carpet cleaning shampoo that wasn’t very impressive. This is because many Brands that manufacture carpet cleaning machines offer a soap based carpet cleaning solution. Soap based cleaners can clog fiber pores and actually attract dirt to spot where they were applied. Being a surfactant, Genesis 950 not only breaks down dirt and debris, but it also breaks down residue left behind from these soap based cleaners.

Genesis 950 was used on 2 carpet stains. The first was a piece of ravioli smashed into the carpet. Not thinking the product would work, there was no before picture taken. To the surprise of the reviewer the stains came out after a few minutes.

“That stain lifted out immediately and you couldn’t tell for a moment that anything had ever taken place there” – Ahh-Mazing Reviews

After seeing how well Genesis 950 removed carpet stains, the camera was used to capture a stain that had been in the carpet for months. Nothing was able to remove it! This stain was from purple putty ground into the carpet. For 2 months, product after product was used to remove with stain with no luck. By simply spraying the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 and water and allowing it to saturate the stain, the old stain was able to be scrubbed out of the carpet!

Genesis 950 Review – Beautifully Bellafaith 


Like many people, Beautifully Bellafaith has been trying to use more eco-friendly cleaning products. Not just for the sake of the environment, but also for the safety of the family and pets. In Beautifully Bellafaith’s Review, Genesis 950 was taken to the kitchen to clean tiles and grout.

Beautifully Bellafaith – Genesis 950 Review

“You won’t believe the results!” – Beautifully Bellafaith

When Beautifully Bellafaith used Genesis 950 to clean the tile floors in the kitchen, the difference was astounding. Look closely at the change in the color of the grout from brown to light beige. With most cleaners, the soap based residues gets into the grooves of the grout, attracting dirt and dust with it. As it collects in the grooves, rather than clean them, they deposit more dirt there. This also applies to the pores of the tile. When Genesis 950 gets in the grooves of the grout and the pores of the tile, it actually works to break down any dirt or debris. Once broken down, it can be rinsed away. This leaves tiles shining and grout lighter.

Genesis 950 Review – Born 2 Impress

Carpet stains can be some of the hardest stains to remove. Especially carpet stains made by kids. The worst are the ones that go unreported. Born 2 Impress had such a stain appear when they moved a couch. The stain had been there for so long that it’s origin was a mystery. Using Genesis 950, Born 2 Impress was able to clean the old stain from the carpet.

Born 2 Impress – Genesis 950 Review

“It is pretty impressive to do all of this without damaging your carpet, or affecting your health” – Born 2 Impress

In reviewing Genesis 950 as a carpet cleaner, Born 2 Impress really put the product to the test. In this example, coffee was poured directly on the carpet and allowed to soak in. After the carpet absorbed the coffee, the stained area was sprayed with Genesis 950. A towel was then placed over the area and stepped on. Genesis 950 had broken down all the coffee in the carpet. The final picture in the series shows the clean carpet. This was done ONLY by stepping on the towel after the solution had been sprayed on the stain. There was no scrubbing, no rubbing and no machine used. Genesis 950 removed the carpet stain simply by being applied to the area and covered with a rag. Imagine the result if this was cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine!

Genesis 950 Review – Bullock’s Buzz

Bullock’s Buzz used Genesis 950 for one of the most common purposes – pet stains. Pet stains in carpet can be particularly difficult to remove. In this particular example, Genesis 950 was used to remove cat puke. If you own a cat, you know cats vomit everywhere BUT tile and hardwood. it always seems to be on the carpet or furniture. Bullock’s Buzz found a fresh stain and an old stain. Using Genesis 950 at a ratio of 1 part 950 to 4 parts water, the stains were treated and rinsed away. With the older stain, it did take 2 applications. Sometimes older stains do take extra effort, but as you can see in Bullock Buzz’s step by step photo set, the work was worth it! Eventually Bullock’s Buzz used Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine to get professional looking results.

Bullock’s Buzz – Genesis 950 Review

“Genesis 950 is not only safe for your family, pets and the environment, but it does an amazing job of cleaning, degreasing and removing stains!” – Bullock’s Buz

Being an all purpose cleaner, Genesis 950 makes cleaning easy throughout the entire house. Bullock’s Buzz used it in the bathroom to remove months of soap scum other cleaners couldn’t remove from the shower door. In addition to the bathroom, Bullock’s Buzz used Genesis 950 in the kitchen to clean everything from sinks to stove tops.

Genesis 950 Review – 

Homeschool Insights (previously Chronically Content)

Homeschool Insights focused on the bathroom in their Genesis 950 review. One concern initially addressed in the review was chemical sensitivity. Many cleaners can cause irritation or illness. With Genesis 950, there was no reaction. The scent came across as fairly mild, causing no irritation. In using the product, the reviewer found the cleaner to be easy to use. There was no need for heavy scrubbing. Genesis 950 was able to wipe away stains and buildup that would typically need scrubbing.

Homeschool Insights – Genesis 950 Review (Previously Chronically Content)

“I would definitely recommend this cleaner to my readers” – Homeschool Insights

Genesis 950 took a great deal of work out of cleaning. Homeschool Insights was looking forward to Spring Cleaning and the next project on the list is using Genesis 950 to clean outdoor patio furniture.

Genesis 950 Review – Closet Of Free Samples

With a full time job and busy family, Closet of Free Samples scenario might sound familiar. Sometimes cleaning is the last thing on your mind. So when it’s time to clean, you want to do it quick and get it out of the way. For over a year, the reviewer had put off cleaning a filthy windowsill. It’s the little things like windowsills you want to clean, but know it will involve too much effort. Genesis 950 can change that!

Closet Of Free Samples – Genesis 950 Review


“No scrubbing or rubbing, I just wiped and the dirt was all gone. I was amazed.” – Closet Of Free Samples

Genesis 950 doesn’t just clean, it cleans for you. Because of the way Genesis 950 breaks the bonds of stains, it lifts them from the surface. Look closely at the before photo. Wood trim has divots, impressions and area where dirt can get deep into the surface. When Genesis 950 is used, it brings all that dirt up and allows it to be wiped away with little effort.

Genesis 950 Review – Everything Home Life

The Everything Home Life Review was perhaps one of the most comprehensive reviews done on Genesis 950. While the actual review site has changed names, the reviewer did post the original review on Amazon. In this review, you name it and it was cleaned! From carpets and furniture to finished wood and stainless steel. Everything Home Life was out to prove that Genesis 950 is indeed an all purpose cleaner. An added bonus was that the reviewer had a chemistry background and could prove that Genesis 950 is a green product free from the hazards so many cleaning product contain.

Everything Home Life – Genesis 950 Review On Amazon

“I would highly recommend using this product for all your household cleaning needs as it’s incredibly versatile and safe!” – Everything Home Life

The Everything Home Life Review gives a little glimpse of everything that Genesis 950 can do. In the review, the concentrate was mixed at the lowest level possible – 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Even at this ratio, Genesis 950 was able to clean strawberry stains from carpet, pet urine from carpet, paint stains off wood,  stainless steel appliances and so much more.

Genesis 950 Review – Finger Click Saver

A reoccurring theme in Genesis 950 reviews is the discovery of older stains that were hidden from view. In Finger Click Saver’s Genesis 950, the objective was to clean pet stains. In a home with fourteen cats and a dog there are going to be some stains. Cat owners know that when cats get sick, the stain can be very hard to remove if left to dry. When Finger Click Saver knew Genesis 950 was on the way, they challenged Genesis 950 by letting some fresh stains dry on a rug while the product was on the way.

Finger Click Saver – Genesis 950

“I love this Eco-friendly non-toxic cleaner that is a great carpet cleaner, great pet stain remover, great wall cleaner and so much more!” – Finger Click Saver

When the cleaner finally did arrive and the review went to clean the area where the stain had dried, under the rug, was an old stain that someone had covered up rather than clean. To the delight of the review, not only did Genesis 950 clean the stains on the rug and the stains on the carpet, but it cleaned so well the rug looked like new. As the reviewer began to clean other things, she found her husband cleaning the walls. This is a common scenario . . . Husbands will want to clean with Genesis 950 to see what they can get out. The reviewer found some stains on a quilt that she began to clean. After the stain was removed, she couldn’t even find where the stain was originally located!

Genesis 950 Review – Giveaway Promote

In the Giveaway Promote Genesis 950 Review, the reviewers proved that you don’t need pets to have dirty carpet. Sometimes shoes aren’t taken off at the door. Drink spills and food stains can happen anywhere. With a little bit of Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine, the stains were gone and the carpet was left fresh and vibrant.

“I was really impressed with Genesis 950. It is an effective cleaner and I will be keeping it on hand for my big and little cleaning jobs.” – Giveaway Promote

After cleaning the carpet, Giveaway Promote wanted to see just how much of an all purpose cleaner Genesis 950 is. We always encourage customers to use Genesis 950 for as much as possible. In addition to carpets, one of the easiest things to clean with Genesis 950 are ovens. The reviewer went on to clean kitchen counters, stainless steel and the hood to the range. The results were fantastic as it was noted the grease just slid right off the surface!

Genesis 950 Review – Gobble It Up Reviews

Gobble It Up Reviews was another reviewer who proved you don’t need pets in order to benefit from Genesis 950 as a carpet cleaner. In their review, they had a rug that became a source of artistic expression for a 4 year old. The white rug was the perfect canvas for a green marker. The lowest mixing ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water was applied to the stained area. After the stain absorbed the solution, it was able to be wiped off the rug. The response was one of our favorites . . . “Honestly, I was shocked. I really didn’t expect it to work that quickly or efficiently.” 

Gobble It Up Reviews – Genesis 950 Review

“I’ve been using Genesis 950 in everything from my  bathroom counter to my couch upholstery and seen amazing results.” – Gobble It Up Reviews

As a household cleaner, Genesis 950 can tackle anything. It was no surprise to us that Genesis 950 was able to remove ink from a rug. In fact, Genesis 950 was specifically designed as a green cleaner for ink removal in industrial and commercial printing presses. If Genesis 950 can clean industrial ink stain from a printing press, a little marker on the carpet wouldn’t even be a challenge.

Gobble It Up Reviews also took Genesis 950 to the bathroom. If your bathroom sink is white, you might not notice the water buildup, soap residue or toothpaste residue that builds up on the ceramic. If you have a sink that is colored, these types of stains are much more visible. Gobble It Up Reviews used Genesis 950 in the bathroom and it revitalized the bathroom sink.

Genesis 950 Review – Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

When people think of pet stains, they typically think of carpet and furniture. However pet stains can be found in many other places as Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog proved. A windowsill in the home is the cat’s favorite resting spot. The windowsill has been covered from paw prints, dander and oil from the cat’s fur. This type of staining can also occur on walls and doors that pets might rub against. With Genesis 950, the wood work was easily cleaned and looks like new!

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog – Genesis 950 Review

“I was amazed at how well this product worked” – Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

After cleaning the window, the reviewer went on to clean her stove – which came out “clean as a whistle.” She also was amazed at how well Genesis 950 cleaned stainless steel. Genesis 950 was able to remove smudges and fingerprints that she couldn’t even get out with cleaners purchased from the manufacturer of the appliances!

Genesis 950 Review – Making Time

Making Time had tried to clean a stove top with a traditional household cleaner. The top photo shows all 4 burners after being “cleaned” with another cleaner. Making Time wanted to see if Genesis 950 could clean what other cleaners couldn’t. In doing so, the reviewer focused solely on the bottom left burner. By spraying the burner with a mixture of Genesis 950 and allowing it to soak in, she was able to scrape off the residue after Genesis 950 had made it water soluble and in turn allowed it to break free from the surface.

Making Time – Genesis 950 Review

“I was able to get some amazing results.” – Making Time

In addition to cleaning the stove top, Making Time was able to use Genesis 950 on a daily basis all around the house. In the kitchen, Genesis 950 was used to mop the floors and clean kitchen counters. In the bathroom, Genesis 950 was used for general cleaning. It was also used to clean carpet and furniture when spills occurred. Genesis 950 is truly an all purpose cleaner for the entire home.

Genesis 950 Review – Momma 4 Life

Momma 4 Life reviewed Genesis 950 just in time for Easter. As the family was dying Easter eggs, some of the dye managed to make it’s way to the carpet. The spill was one of the darkest dye colors. However with Genesis 950 the stain was removed. This again goes back to the initial purpose of Genesis 950 – removing industrial ink. A little bit of Easter egg dye is no match for Genesis 950.

Momma 4 Life – Genesis 950 Review

“This stuff is amazing and picks up anything from the carpet.” – Momma 4 Life

In the Momma 4 Life review, the process for cleaning carpet stains is outlined step by step. What might be more shocking than the clean carpet, is how dirty the rag was from cleaning the area. Genesis 950 broke everything down that was spilled in the carpet and the towel used was able to easily pull everything right out!

Genesis 950 Review – Mommy’s Memorandum

Mommy’s Memorandum used Genesis 950 to clean both the carpets, walls and even clothes stains! On the walls, Genesis 950 can be used at the mixing ratio as low as 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. Simply spray the area you want clean, let the solution sit for about 2 minutes, then wipe away all the dirt and grime that has broken down.

Mommy’s Memorandum – Genesis 950 Review

“I have never encountered a company whose customer service is so helpful and fun to interact with.” – Mommy’s Memorandum

In the Mommy’s Memorandum review, carpet cleaning was also a priority. Through the carpet cleaning process, Mommy’s Memorandum had several questions about the product and using it in a carpet cleaning machine. We take our customer service very seriously and do everything we can to help customers get the most out of Genesis 950. In cleaning the carpet, Genesis 950 did so much more than just clean. In addition to cleaning the carpet, it completely changed the texture of it. It brought back the color and made the carpet so soft that it left tracks from the vacuum cleaner after it had dried. Mommy’s Memorandum noted that after living in the apartment for over 18 months, this was the first time the carpet had ever been plush enough to leave vacuum tracks!

Genesis 950 Review – Organic Sunshine

Organic Sunshine was a great fit for Genesis 950. The site focuses on Green Living and Eco-Friendly products. Being a green cleaner, Organic Sunshine was thrilled to test Genesis 950 out. Not having carpet, Organic Sunshine was initially not sure if Genesis 950 could come in handy for pet stains. However pet rule #1 is “NEVER have an accident on hardwood.” And so it wasn’t long before the dog had an accident on a throw rug. The accident involved the dog pooping on the rug. With Genesis 950 handy, the stain was easily cleaned and the odor was removed as well. Not only was the pet stain removed, but in looking at the photo, you can also see the rug itself was cleaner and more vibrant.

Organic Sunshine – Genesis 950 Review

“Genesis 950 is an effective cleaner and a must have for any household.” – Organic Sunshine

Organic Sunshine also had another stain maker. This was in the form of a teenager with a screen printing hobby. The lower portion of the photograph shows where ink from the screen printing was splattered all over one of the rugs. Black ink at that! Initially, nervous about the ink stains, Organic Sunshine contacted us and received the customer service we pride ourselves with. In hearing the concerns about the stains, we suggested she increase the mixing ratio to a 50/50 mix. In doing so, the stains were completely removed. One of the biggest benefits of Genesis 950 is the fact that the mixing ratio can be increased or decreased depending on what the stain is.

Genesis 950 Review – Tabby’s Pantry

Having kids in the house made it easy for Tabby’s Pantry to find something to clean. In this review, ice cream was spilled and dried on an ottoman. Genesis 950 was able to easily clean this food spill off the furniture. Simply spray the solution, wait a few minutes, then wipe away the stain. Typically a stain like this would need some scrubbing, but Genesis 950 simplified cleaning.

Tabby’s Pantry – Genesis 950 Review

“It works like a dream and just mixes with water so no worries about a bunch of different chemicals in your house.” – Tabby’s Pantry

Tabby’s Pantry also touched on some of the benefits of Genesis 950. For customers who look for products made in the USA, Genesis 950 fits the bill. It is also can replace all the other cleaning products used throughout the house. There is no need for a cabinet full of different cleaners for different jobs. Genesis 950 does it all. It also does this without the toxic chemicals other cleaners contain. This is perfect for homes with children and pets.

Genesis 950 Review – The Review Wire

The Review Wire was one of the first Genesis 950 Reviews. The reviewer’s daughter was playing with homemade Play-Dough. The Play-Dough had become embedded in a rug. Everyone knows how hard Play-Dough can be to remove from carpets and rugs. it sticks to the fibers and dries up. When this happens, it is almost impossible to remove . . . unless you have Genesis 950. Using Genesis 950, The Review Wire was able to completely remove the dried Play-Dough and the stains.

The Review Wire – Genesis 950 Review


“I’m happy to announce that the Genesis 950 cleaner has taken away the smell FOR GOOD!” – The Review Wire

The Review Wire was also able to remove pet stains in carpet with Genesis 950. Their new rescue dog had been finding spots throughout the house. The odor from the dog urine was beginning to linger. After trying everything, nothing removed the pet stains and odors until Genesis 950 was used. Once cleaned with Genesis 950, the pet smells were gone! The next task for The Review Wire was to clean their travel trailer!

Genesis 950 Review – The Simple Moms

The Simple Moms have a common dilemma, kids and pets leave stains behind that are found days, weeks, months or even years later. In this particular review, The Simple Moms found a stain that had no known origin. To remove the carpet stains, The Simple Moms diluted Genesis 950, sprayed the stain, let it sit for about 5 minutes then blotted it up.

The Simple Moms – Genesis 950 Review 

“Start with genesis and you won’t need anything else!” – The Simple Moms

The Simple Moms also echoed the sentiments of so many other reviewers. They loved having a biodegradable, green cleaner. In closing The Simple Moms also loved that Genesis 950 didn’t smell like other cleaning products. It simply smelled “clean” with no obnoxious odor that just masks the smell that you are trying to remove.

Genesis 950 Review – The Small Things

The Small Things is one of our favorite reviewers. To date there have been three reviews by The Small Things – each one dealing with different aspects of cleaning with Genesis 950. In the first photo shown, Genesis 950 was used as a spot cleaner for carpet stains. In the examples, genesis 950 was used at the ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. The stains were sprayed, allowed to sit and then rinsed clean with a cloth. Notice the spot cleaning actually made that part of the carpet cleaner that the rest. For a nice even clean, use Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine.

In the next photo, the versatility of Genesis 950 is shown by using the cleaner to clean concrete. There are two stains removed using Genesis 950. The first concrete stain came from moisture. Mildew, mold and gunk had built up under the air condition. Genesis 950 was used to remove these stains. The second concrete stain came from a mat that had sat on the porch. The Small Things has scrubbed this area with every cleaner she could think of with nothing making a impact. However one treatment with Genesis 950 and the stains were gone.

The Small Things – Genesis 950 Review (Carpet Cleaning)

The Small Things – Genesis 950 Review (Concrete Cleaning)

The Small Things – Genesis 950 Review (Furniture Cleaning)

“I am telling you this is hands down the best product I have ever used.” – The Small Things

In another review, The Small Things used Genesis 950 to clean up spills and stains on furniture. For furniture stains, The Small Things used Genesis 950 in a spray bottle at a 50/50 mix with water. This was the most practical ratio to keep on hand with a new puppy in the house. For spots and stains on the furniture, simply spray the solution, give it a few minutes, then wipe away the stains. The furniture came out stain free and much more vibrant!