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See why Genesis 950 is the best cleaning product for your home. Remove pet stains from carpet and furniture. Make carpets look and smell professionally cleaned with DIY carpet cleaning. Green cleaning for the kitchen and bathroom.

Genesis 950 was first used in 1986 as a cleaning tool in printing plants. It is manufactured by Amerikal Products. Amerikal has been a leader in manufacturing sustainable products for the printing industry for nearly 30 years. Genesis 950 was initially designed to remove ink from roller presses, print room floors, equipment and clothing. Over time, Genesis 950 found its way from the printing presses into people’s homes. In 2011, it was made available online at In 2014, it was made available on Amazon. Since it has been made available, over 10,000 orders have been placed.

Since 2011, several reviews have been done on Genesis 950. Here is an overview of what reviewers are saying:

One of our favorite reviews is Bre. She has reviewed Genesis 950 for her blog The Small Things several times. She has cleaned everything from carpets to furniture. This time around, she put Genesis 950 to a tougher test. In her current apartment, the previous renters had a rubber doormat. That doormat left behind residue in the concrete. Bre had tried everything she could think of to remove the stain, but nothing worked. She then tried Genesis 950 at a ratio of 3/4 Genesis 950 to 1/4 water. After spraying with this mixtures, she scrubbed the concrete with a scrub brush and rinsed away the stain with water. Here are the before and after photos:

Best Cleaning Product Concrete StainsBest Cleaning Product Concrete Stains

Bre continued the concrete challenge at her back patio where the air conditioner unit sits. The unit was dripping water on the concrete. Over time, the buildup can create quite a mess. The warmth of the unit provides a breeding ground for mold on the concrete. Bre used the ratio of 3/4 Genesis 950 to 1/4 water and soaked the area. She let it sit for about two minutes, then scrubbed the stained area and rinsed it clean with water. The results speak for themselves! 

Best Cleaning Product Concrete StainsBest Cleaning Product Concrete Stains

You can read Bre’s full review at The Small Things.


In June 2016, Danielle reviewed Genesis 950 for her blog Making Time. Danielle is a working Mom with 2 kids. Time is not something she has a lot of, but with her blog, she helps find ways of making time. With Genesis 950, she found lots of ways to save time. Her preferred mixing ratio was 1/4 Genesis 950 to 3/4 water. With that ratio she tackled all sorts of cleaning tasks from spills and stains, to mopping floors and cleaning the tub. But the real challenge she had was her stove top. She sprayed the mixture of Genesis 950 and water on the stove top, let it sit for a few minutes, then used a stove top scraper to remove TONS of gunk and build up. Danielle indicated that she couldn’t remove this build up with her regular household cleaners. Take a look at the process. Photo #1 shows the initial stove top. Photos #2 & #3 show the process and the final result is in Photo #4. 

how to clean stove tops

Read Danielle’s full review at Making Time.

In May 2016, Daily Mom featured Genesis 950 as a winner of the Green Scene Mom Awards. These awards acknowledge companies that are Eco-friendly, Easy to Use & Innovation or Design. The products included are all kid inspired and Mother approved. Genesis 950 falls into this category as it is a safe cleaning product in the home. Many traditional cleaners can leave behind chemicals which have been attributed to cancer, respiratory issues, skin irritation, asthma, and a list of other health hazards. Genesis 950 contains no chemicals linked to any of these health issues. In fact, it is not just safe for your family, your pets and you, but it is even safe for the environment. 

best Green Cleaning Product

Find out more about why Genesis 950 is a Green Scene Award Winner at Daily Mom.

How To Clean Tiles
In April 2016, Amber reviewed Genesis 950 for Beautifully BellaFaith. Amber used Genesis 950 to clean her tile floor. This is a great use for Genesis 950 as it works with water to break the bonds of stains and make them water soluble. Tile, along with grout, can be hard to clean, especially with traditional cleaners. Soap based cleaners can actually leave residue behind in the pores of the tile. Because Genesis 950 is a surfactant, when it enters the pores, it works to break down the trapped dirt and grime. This in turn allows it to break free from areas where it has been trapped in. With traditional cleaners, Amber has to mop 2 – 3 times a week and has noticed even doing so doesn’t really clean the tile. With one application of Genesis 950, she was not only complimenting how pristine the tile looked, but was also amazed that the grout was cleaned so well it actually went from dark brown to beige as the Genesis 950 removed all the trapped buildup. 
grout cleaner

Read Amber’s full review at Beautifully BellFaith.

best carpet cleaning solution
In March 2016, Julee tried out Genesis 950 for her blog Mommy’s Memorandum. Her primary goal was to clean carpets. This is by far the most common use for Genesis 950. Julee asked a lot of questions about using Genesis 950, and they are common questions. Carpet cleaning machines are not expensive, and if used incorrectly, they can break down. One of the most common reasons that these machines malfunction is because of a heavy soap presence. Foaming of soap can cause the engine to blow out. For this reason, many manufacturers include a warning that no cleaner should be used in the machine other than the cleaner designed for that machine. This is specifically to prevent people from using heavy soap based cleaners in the machine. Genesis 950 is NOT soap based, therefore can be used in any type of carpet cleaning machine. It will not damage the machines. After clarifying this for Julee, she was ready to go. Her machine was the type that has a container for solution and a separate container for fresh water. She filled the containers up and gave it a try.
It should be noted that in addition to wear and tear from everyday life, Julee lived in a small apartment with a dog. One of her biggest concerns was the odor from the dog – specifically pee odor. However once Julee started cleaning, she was beyond amazed. Not only were the stains gone, and the odor gone, but her carpet had a soft, plush feel to it. In fact, she noted it was the first time since she’s lived there that the carpet was so soft and plush that there were tracks left from the vacuum when she cleaned!!
best carpet cleaner
best carpet cleaner
After cleaning her carpets, Julee went on to clean the walls.
clean walls
Julee found all sorts of other uses for Genesis 950 from laundry stains to general cleaning. Read Julee’s full review at Mommy Memorandum.
Genesis 950 Review
In February 2016, Lisa from Chronically Content re-visited Genesis 950 for a second review. Lisa does not have pets or small children, which is no problem at all. While Genesis 950 is best known for carpet cleaning and pet stain removal, Lisa’s review is a great reminder that Genesis 950 is an All Purpose Cleaner. Lisa is also chemically sensitive. For her, it is important to use a cleaner that does not impact her well being. Genesis 950 is green . . . making it safe! Lisa used Genesis 950 to give her bathroom a deep cleaning for Spring.
Using Genesis 950 at a ratio of 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, Lisa sprayed her bathroom fixtures and simply wiped away the grime, gunk and buildup with a sponge. 
Best Bathroom Cleaner

In the shower, Genesis 950 can break down water stains, soap build up and scaling. In addition, as you rinse away the product, it also helps clean your pipes as it breaks down buildup. Eco-friendly consumers can also rest assured knowing that there are no volatile chemicals being released into the drainage water. 

Best Bathroom Cleaner
Use Genesis 950 to clean toilets as well. The anti-bacterial elements kill and germs that might be lingering. 
Best Bathroom Cleaner
In October 2015, A2Z Reviews reviewed Genesis 950. As a house with both kids and pets, genesis 950 was a welcomed addition to the home. One of the biggest complaints pet owners have is that there are so many cleaners available and none of them truly remove that “dog” smell. However Genesis 950 is not like other cleaners and the reviewer found Genesis 950 DID, and that it was “without a doubt the best cleaner I have ever used on my carpet.” 
In the home, the kids have their beloved Mickey Mouse chair. Every family with kids knows that the beloved item, over the years, becomes dirty. Stains build up from food, drinks, and life in general. The results were wonderful, and the beloved chair was like new!
best cleaning product
best cleaning product
best cleaning product
The A2Z Review took Genesis 950 into the kitchen. As a green cleaner, it is ideal for kitchen use and cleaning appliances as it does not leave harmful chemicals behind. The microwave became her next target. Using Genesis 950 in the Spray Bottle at a mixture of 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, food stains, fingerprints and splatter marks were all easily removed from the microwave.
best cleaning product
Another great use of the Genesis 950 in this review was for general cleaning. Doors are touched everyday. Hand prints, dirt, dust, scrape marks and scuffs are probably on your door right now. But one doesn’t often think about cleaning door. However when Genesis 950 is used to clean doors, the results are incredible. It’s almost like having a new door!

In October 2015, Jessica reviewed Genesis 950 for Gobble It Up Reviews. The opportunity to try Genesis 950 came at the perfect time. Her 4 year old decided to express himself artistically by coloring her white carpet with green marker. This of course, as she would find out, was no challenge for Genesis 950. Genesis 950’s origins are in the printing industry. It was designed in the 1980’s to remove industrial printing ink from equipment, flooring and clothing. Genesis 950 is an environmentally friendly surfactant based cleaner. It works unlike other cleaners by making stains water soluble. When this happens, the stains lose their adherence and lift from the surface. Genesis 950 is a concentrate, which means you mix it with water based on what you are cleaning. In her example, Jessica used 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, sprayed the stain, allowed it to sit, then rinsed. Here are the before and after pictures of the stained rug.

After cleaning this “disaster,” Jessica used 950 to clean other spots on her carpet and furniture.

However Genesis 950 isn’t just for carpet and upholstery. It can be used as an all purpose cleaner throughout the home. In addition to cleaning better than most cleaners, it is also safer. Genesis 950 doesn’t contain chemicals that can impair your health. It is truly a green cleaner. Safe for both you and the environment. 

In the bathroom, remove water stains, soap scum and dirt. Check out the before and after photos of her bathroom sink!

You can read Jessica’s full review at Gobble It Up Reviews

Just in time for Spring Cleaning, Katriza at Everything Home life reviewed Genesis 950 and really showed just how much it can clean. Katriza is a Mom with a second child on the way. With a growing family, which includes pets, she always has something to clean. Her review is by far one of the most extensive on Genesis 950. Not only does she use Genesis 950 to clean pet stains, but also for household cleaning. This review shows how versatile it is!. In her review, she remove paint stains from tile, finished wood and even from her Kirby! She also has a strawberry stain on her carpet that Genesis 950 removes. With Genesis 950, she was able to bring a sparkle to her stainless steel microwave. Katriza has a background in chemistry and confirms that not only Genesis 950 cleans, but that is does so safely. Typical commercial cleaners are loaded with carcinogens and toxic chemicals. Not Genesis 950. it is green and in turn safe!

Take a look at all her before and after photos:
In February 2015, Megan from Ahh-Mazing Reviews reviewed Genesis 950. Megan has 3 children, all girls. They are energetic and artistic. Often, their creativity spilled onto the floor! Her biggest struggle has been keeping her home looking like she did before kids came along. Like most Mothers, she knows that just doesn’t happen anymore. While there are many spills and stains, one she had the hardest time with was from a purple putty stain. Her girls smashed the putty down into the carpet. While she was able to remove the putty, the stain remained behind for months . . . until she tried Genesis 950. Using it at a 1 part 950 to 7 parts water ratio, she was able to remove the stain! Just see the before and after photos!

Our first review in 2015 came from Nicole at Organic Sunshine. Nicole is a Mother, a Blogger and a consumer concerned about the products she uses. She strives to ensure that products as well as food are free of harmful chemicals. This made Genesis 950 a perfect fit for her. Not only is Genesis 950 green and safe, it is effective.

Her review touched on 2 different stains. The most popular use for Genesis 950 is for pet stains. It works like no other cleaner. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains and remove them from the surface. In doing so, it also removes the odor. Nicole’s dog Bailey had left a little surprise for her on a rug. She put Genesis 950 to the test and found that yes, it did remove the stains, and even better, it removed that lingering odor! She writes “This stuff really works for pet stains and odor!”

Clean pet stains and odor

Her second use for Genesis 950 involved ink. This is a perfect fir for Genesis 950 as the origin of the product is to remove ink stains. Since the 1980’s Genesis 950 has been used in industrial printing presses to clean spilled ink. Because industrial ink is so much more tough than ink you find in pens, make up, or in Nicole’s case ink from silk screen printing, removing the stains was not a difficult task for Genesis 950.

Remove ink stains from carpet

Nicole used Genesis 950 to remove tough stains that other cleaners can’t touch. Not only does it work, but it is safe! In summary, Nicole writes, “Genesis 950 is an effective cleaner and a must have for any household.”

Nicole from Pretty Opinionated reviewed Genesis 950 in November 2011. In her review, she used Genesis 950 to remove glue that had spilled on the carpet. She had tried for months to remove the stains, however had no luck until she used Genesis 950. Genesis 950 was able to clean and remove the glue that had spilled on the carpet and dried up.
In addition to her review, there are a few comments that her followers had made in regards to using Genesis 950.
Erika wrote: “OMG!!! I read your review and tried this. AMAZING. Thanks for sharing!”
John wrote: “I tried the 950 Cleaner in my steam cleaner and was amazed how well my carpets cleaned up. I’ve tried everything in the book and they didn’t work as well. I did talk with the manufacturer of the product and they were a huge help on the correct way in using the product. Very Very Happy with this product and it saved me money on replacing my basement carpet.”
April wrote:I love this product! I wanted to share my before and after photos but don’t see how.”
Marci from The Review Wire reviewed genesis 950 in March 2012. In Marci’s review, she used Genesis 950 in a Hoover Steam Cleaning Machine to remove homemade Play-Dough from carpet. The bright yellow dough was embedded in the carpet and dried up. Genesis 950 easily removed the mess.
Remove Play-dough from carpet
In addition to using Genesis 950 to remove carpet stains from kids, Marci also used it to remove carpet stains from a new puppy. In cleaning stains on the carpet from her puppy’s accidents, she makes a statement we hear more than any other “I tried every type of cleaner out there.” Bottom line, when it comes to pet stains, nothing removes the stains and odors like Genesis 950.
Finger Click Saver really put Genesis 950 to the test! Here the big dilemma was cat stains. One of the kittens had vomited on the rug, but there were also more spots found on the carpet. genesis 950 cleaned those stains with no issue. In addition, she noted the importance of Genesis 950 being a deodorizer and disinfectant.
remove old pet stains from carpet
The cleaning tests continued on Finger Click Saver. Other vomit stains were cleaned and before and after pictures were unavailable because when she had gone back to take the after pictures, the area was so clean she couldn’t remember where the stain was. In addition to cleaning rugs and carpets, she cleaned quilts, walls and her stove top. Genesis 950 was able to remove grease stains that had been on her stove top for years. Stains other cleaners couldn’t remove.
Ashley from Closet of Free Samples tried Genesis 950 in July of 2013. Ashley used Genesis 950 for general household cleaner. In her review, Ashley demonstrates how easy Genesis 950 is to use. As a surfactant cleaner, Genesis 950 uses water to make a stain water soluble. When this happens, the stain looses it’s adherence and then breaks away from whatever surface it has been attached too. Once this happens, the stain can then be wiped away. Ashley had recently moved into a new home and had some filthy windowsills. She used Genesis 950 at the 1:7 ratio, spray the mixture on the windowsill and let it sit. Once it broken the stains down, she was able to just wipe them away.
Best cleaning product
In November 2013, Jennifer from Born 2 Impress went above and beyond in trying out Genesis 950. She owns rental properties with carpets that have been used and abused. In one of the units, they were going to replace the carpet. She took full advantage of the situation by REALLY testing Genesis 950. In her test, she literally poured things on her carpet that typically, you would not want on your carpet. Coffee and chocolate syrup were tested in specific, as well as some old stains that had been on the carpet.
In all cases, she spot cleaned the areas. Jennifer had mixed the 950 and water at the 1:7 recommended ratio for general cleaning. She sprayed the stains and allowed them to sit for a moment, then rinsed. While the 1:7 ratio is recommended for general cleaning, this can be increased as high as a 50/50 mix. In cases of extreme staining, the longer the mixture sits, the more it can break down the stains. For Genesis 950 to remove coffee and chocolate stains at a 1:7 ratio, sitting in the carpet for only a moment, and to be hand cleaned is beyond impressive. Imaging cleaning stains like this with a higher concentration of Genesis 950, or doing so using a carpet cleaning machine!
clean chocolate stains


Remove coffee stains
Bridget at Giveaway Promote reviewed Genesis 950 in January 2014. This is a review is one anyone who has carpet can relate to. While keeping a carpet can be fairly easy with the reminders to take shoes off before crossing, the reality is that just doesn’t always happen. In addition to foot traffic, there is the occasional spill. Over time, the carpet can acquire stains that seemed to come from nowhere. Sometimes, those stains can be lightened with other cleaners, but they still linger, and if it’s your house, you notice it no matter how light it is.
Giveaway Promote used Genesis 950 in a carpet cleaning machine to remove stains from foot traffic, mystery stains, and the remains of a chocolate stain from long ago. By cleaning with a machine, she was able to remove all those stains and give the carpet a fresh, new look.
clean old carpet stains
The Giveaway Promote review also stresses the eco-friendliness of Genesis 950 as well as the fact that it has no toxic chemicals. This again makes it perfect as an all purpose cleaner. She used it on kitchen counter tops and on the range of her oven hood. As she indicated, the Genesis 950 allowed the grease and oil to just slide off.
In February 2014, Rachelle from Madame Deals review Genesis 950. Her home is not unlike others. Children, pets and a bust schedule take their toll on the carpets. Stains seem to appear and never really go anywhere. Rachelle perfectly summarizes everything about Genesis 950. She was skeptical and wondered whether Genesis 950 would work or not. She used it in a spray bottle and spot cleaned her stains. Her results were beyond her expectations, even on year old stains that nothing else could take out.
best carpet cleaning solution
Genesis 950, as she stated, made her “carpets look like they did when I moved in.” Yes, Genesis 950 is that good!
In addition to posting a before and after photo, Rachelle also posts a series of photos showing how she cleaned.
remove old carpet stains

You can read Rachelle’s full Genesis 950 review at Madame Deals.

Brenda reviewed Genesis 950 in March of 2014 for The Small Things By Bre. In her review, she makes a statement that has been echoed by many people who have used Genesis 950. “This has got to be the best stain remover I have ever used.” She gave her instructions for using the product in the review. She used it in the spray bottle (which comes free with 1 gallon orders from the Genesis 950 website). In a spray bottle, she mixed 1 part 950 to 7 parts water, sprayed the area, let it sit, scrubbed, then rinsed.
She used Genesis 950 on carpets and furniture, demonstrating even more versatility in the product. She took before and after photos of the stains she removed with Genesis 950.
remove old carpet stains


best cleaner for furniture stains
In May 2014, Jennifer reviewed genesis 950 on her blog Mommyy Of 2 Babies. She had tried Genesis 950 just in time for Easter! Her kids were dying Easter eggs and some of the dye ended up on the carpet. She had hand cleaned the dye stains with Genesis 950 and they came out with ease. She then went on to clean other stains that were in the carpet from previous incidents. The result? “This is one of my favorite cleaning products to date.” “This stuff is amazing and picks up anything from the carpet.” She included before and after photos from the Easter egg dye.
clean carpets

She also included several photos of the cleaning process. What is most notable is the photos she included of the towel used to clean the stains and how much it had pulled off the carpet.

Mommyy Of 2 Babies also featured Genesis 950 in their Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2013!

You can read Jennifer’s full Genesis 950 review at Mommyy Of 2 Babies.

In August 2014, Lisa reviewed Genesis 950 for Chronically Content. Her review continued to show how far Genesis 950 goes when it comes to cleaning. While carpet stains are the hardest stains to clean, everyday cleaning can be made easier with Genesis 950. Because of the ability it has to remove dirt and stains from a number of surfaces, Lisa used the Genesis 950 for many typical household cleaning chores.
One of the most impressive photos she shared was from when she cleaned her tile floors. The floors initially did not appear too dirty. However because Genesis 950 makes stains water soluble, it breaks down any dirt or dust in the area being cleaned. With tile, that dirt and dust can get into the pores of the material. Genesis 950 causes those particles to break down and be lifted. Once this happens, they can be wiped clean. As a result, her tile, which looked fairly clean to begin with, looked amazing. She couldn’t believe what came up on her towel.
Green Cleaning
She also went on to clean a shower curtain covered with soap scum and water stains, her concrete porch and her cabinets and cupboards. As Lisa said, “This product cleans and cleans deep.”
Bridget from The Simple Moms put Genesis 950 to the test in August 2014. She’s a Mom with 4 kids and a dog, so you know she has her hands full. Like most Moms, she has to deal with stains appearing an nobody having any idea where they came from or what they are. She had one of those stains on her carpet when she tried Genesis 950. Like most people we hear from, the stain had been there for a while and all efforts to clean the stain ended in failure. because of the difficulty she had in the past trying to remove the stain, she had little confidence in Genesis 950. However, once she used Genesis 950 she titled the review, “Start with Genesis 950 and you won’t need anything else.”
clean set in carpet stains
The process she used to remove the stain took her no more than 5 minutes. She used the Genesis 950 in the 1:7 ratio, sprayed the area, let it sit for 2 minutes, scrubbed her carpet clean then blotted with water to rinse. It was that easy! A stain that had been impossible to remove was cleaned away in 5 minutes!
In November 2014 a review came from Karen at Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog. Karen used the Genesis 950 for several household cleaning tasks. One of her first cleaning tasks involved her stainless steel appliances. Anyone who has stainless steel knows how hard it is to clean. It seems to pick up every finger print and mark from out of nowhere. When cleaning stainless, it can easily look cloudy, get streaked, or form water spots. However Karen cleaned with Genesis 950 and found it worked better than the cleaners manufactured by the company who made the appliances!
She also used Genesis 950 to clean woodwork – particularly wood windowsills. This particular windowsill happens to be a favorite resting place for her cat. In sitting there, the area easily picks up dust and dander. With little effort, the Genesis 950 removed all the buildup.


Chances are if you have a stain, Genesis 950 can remove it! Genesis 950 is the best cleaning product and best stain remover for your entire home. Keep an eye out for more Genesis 950 Reviews.

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