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  • Where Can I Buy Genesis 950?

    Genesis 950 is only available online (unless you live in the Northern Chicago area where guests are welcome to buy it from our office). There are 2 places online where Genesis 950 is available. It can be purchased directly from our secure site at genesis950.com. It can also be purchased on Amazon. For customers who do not like to order online, we can take orders direct at 847-244-3600. Online orders can only be processed to customers in the Continental United States.

  • Where Can I Buy Genesis 950 In Canada, Europe, The UK Or Australia?

    Unfortunately, Genesis 950 is not yet available in The UK or Australia. If you do wish to order from outside of the continental United States, we can process those orders, however shipping costs for such deliveries can easily run over $100.00. In Canada, Genesis 950 can be ordered by calling 877-744-1113.

  • What Stores Carry Genesis 950?

    At this time Genesis 950 is not available in any retail outlets. Order online at genesis950.com for the lowest price, or call direct at 847-244-3600.

  • Why Is Genesis 950 Not Sold In Stores?

    Genesis 950 is not available in stores for a number of reasons. The primary reason is the nature of our company, Amerikal. Amerikal Products is one of the largest companies involved in the printing industry. Amerikal manufactures sustainable solutions for the printing industry. This includes chemistry used in printing packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other consumable and non-consumable products. Chances are if you have any type of food product in your home, Amerikal had something to do with the chemistry used to package it. Whether it be in the design of the printing press, ensuring that the package was free of any toxins or chemicals used in the printing of the box or container. As a key player in this market, contributing to Fortune 500 companies, Amerikal had not been involved in retail sales. Our primary role is in the printing area, not consumer retail. But there are many other reasons Genesis 950 is not available in retail stores. Too often in retail stores, employees provide incorrect information on a product. With Genesis 950, it is very important water is used to activate the 950. If associates at stores were not there to explain this and the product was not used correctly, it would not work. We want to make sure that customers use the product correctly. We are also available to help customers use the product. Various stains call for different mixing ratios and treatment. We want customers to know they can reach us and we can help them use the product. Cost is another factor. If Genesis 950 were available in retail stores, there would be unnecessary markup on the product.

  • Does Genesis 950 Have Any Money Back Guarantees?

    No. Genesis 950 does not have any such guarantee. The reason for this is because we do not know the nature of what a customer might be cleaning. There are some other products available which can actually lock stains into the carpet. If such a product was used in the past, and it has locked the stain in, Genesis 950 can not reverse or be held accountable for damage done by the other product. Likewise, other products can also discolor or damage surfaces. Again, Genesis 950 can not restore damage done from another cleaning product. If something was used that discolored, rather then stained a surface, Genesis 950 can not restore the color. There is a huge difference between a stain and discoloration, and Genesis 950 can not repair the latter. Genesis 950 does work, and we will stand behind that. In the event, it is not working as expected, call us directly at 847-244-3600 and we will offer alternative directions that will help to remove the stain in question. The directions on the website are general directions and variations are available for tougher stains. We have had over 500,000 orders and are always able to ensure customers are happy, satisfied and pleased with the results. We work with customers! We would NEVER neglect a customer with questions or concerns.

  • How Much Is Shipping?

    Whether your order on our online store, through Amazon or by phone, shipping is free. There is no additional shipping cost. However if you do live outside of the continental US, shipping rates are applied based on your postal codes for the delivery address.
  • How Is Genesis 950 Shipped?

    Genesis 950 is shipped through UPS. Delivery generally arrives between 2 – 5 business days. All orders ship Monday through Friday. UPS pickup from our location is approximately 3:30 PM CST. All orders received before 3:30 PM ship the day they are received. Any orders received after 3:30 PM will ship the following business day. Orders received after 3:30 PM on Friday, and any orders received Saturday or Sunday will ship the following Monday.
    We do have the ability to ship using FedEx in the event that is the method of shipping your prefer. If FedEx is desired, please place this order directly by phone at 847-244-3600. FedEx shipping will most likely require additional shipping charges.
    Next day, Overnight and 2nd Day orders can be placed by calling directly at 847-244-3600. These shipping options require additional charges based on current UPS pricing based on the destination postal code. Please note that these costs are often ridiculously high!
  • What Is Genesis 950?

    Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. This type of cleaner works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. It does so without any harsh chemicals making it a green, safe alternative to traditional household cleaners. Genesis 950 was developed over twenty years ago as a safe, green cleaner used in industrial press rooms to clean ink from equipment, flooring, clothing and rags. Over time, the press men were taking Genesis 950 home to clean things in their home and garage. They found that if it could safely clean industrial ink, then it should clean just about everything else. And it does! As the Genesis 950 began disappearing from the press rooms, the companies using it asked that it be made available to their employees so they could purchase it rather then take it from the press rooms. Genesis 950 was put online and has since blossomed into the best kept cleaning secret online. Now, thousands of customers have used it to remove pet stains, clean carpets, degrease engines, restore furniture, powerwash siding, clean flood and fire damage and so much more.

  • Does Genesis 950 Work?

    Yes! Genesis 950 works better then other cleaners. It is the best way to remove pet stains and odors, to clean carpets, and for household cleaning. This can best be seen by reading reviews done on Genesis 950. These reviews were done by various bloggers. They were not paid to review the product, they are not affiliated with Genesis 950 and they were not given instruction on what to clean. They were simply sent the product and cleaned whatever they felt needed cleaning.
  • Will Genesis 950 Remove Pet Stains And Odors?

    Yes! Because Genesis 950 is a surfactant cleaner, mixing it with water activates it so that the stain can absorb the mixture of 950 and water. This absorption makes the stain water soluble. Once a stain has become water soluble, it can then be broken down. After the stain has been broken down, it can then rinsed clean from the area. In addition to removing the stain, Genesis 950 also removes the odor. It will kill any bacteria that has resulted from the stain. By killing the bacteria, it removes the odor. Other cleaners might contain chemicals which can discolor your carpet, cause illness to your pet or briefly mask the odor for a short period of time.

  • Is Genesis 950 Safe?

    Yes! Genesis 950 is a green, environmentally friendly product. It will not cause harm to you, your family, your pets or the surface you are cleaning. There are several federally regulated lists of hazardous chemicals. Genesis 950 does not contain any hazardous chemicals on the list. It also has an extremely low VOC level – even in concentrate form. Most cleaners sold contain up to 90% water. This is because the chemical content is so high that they can not be sold as a concentrate and the only way they can be sold is by watering it down to reduce the chemical content.

  • What Will Genesis 950 Clean?

    Genesis 950 can be used to remove any water soluble stain. It will clean pet stains, carpeting, grease, oil, tar, food, pasta, wine, kool-aid, play dough, make up, ink, dye, wax and so much more. We are always hearing new and exciting stains that have been removed by customers. Genesis 950 can be used on virtually any surface. Carpet, clothing, upholstery, furniture, tile, concrete, linoleum, asphalt, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, finished and painted wood, walls, stone, leather, microfiber and more. The only surface that it is not advisable to use Genesis 950 on is untreated or unfinished wood. This is because the wood will absorb the moisture and it may cause warping or expansion.