Customers FAQ’s

How Genesis 950 users have answered some of the more typical questions asked by prospective customers

I use it both ways. If I have a very bad stained area I Pre Treat it with the solution and use it right in the machine as well.


Yes, if you follow the directions for pet urine removal.


It removed hair dye, grease stains from my work boots easily, so I am pretty sure it will remove mud stains.


I have a male cat spraying the house horrid. We tried EVERYTHING at the pet stores and everything on shelves everywhere. Even tried our own mixing experiments and nothing helped! On a last ditch effort I got Genesis 950 and the urine smell is GONE!!


Our dog had a UTI and treated her accidents with other products that did not work.  I was so worried the stains were SET because of all the products I tried. After reading the reviews I ordered the

Genesis 950 to try it. I removed the odor after the first treatment and completely removed the stain after two treatments. I could not be happier!!


I don’t really know but I was sold when a stain I had used several things on disappeared with one use of Genesis 950.  And a pleasant smell to boot.


Yes, it worked great on my high traffic areas. I am so glad I bought this.


Yes it does. It works on carpet in general and that includes Berber.  It also works on anything and everything I have tried it on. The best cleaning product investment I have ever made. I bought a gallon and am so glad I did. As always, I can’t say enough good things about this product.


Yes, you will need to mix 50% Genesis 950 with 50% water in a bucket. Pour on oil stain. Let sit for about 5 minutes. With a broom, rub the concrete to get the Genesis 950 in the pores of the concrete. Hose down area.   Repeat if necessary.  The smoother the concrete the easier it is to remove.


It is an industrial strength concentrate so I imagine it can be used for commercial use. I was soooo pleased with how it cleaned my carpet. I just ordered more.


It is like any chemical, it has a clean smell that dissipates rather quickly, but this stuff is the only product that can take pet odors out of carpet. I think it is great and have recommended it to a lot of people.


I was told that Genesis 950 can be used on wood floors but due to the different finishes on wood floors that I needed to test a small spot to make sure it was ok.  In my case, there was no problem.  There were some dog odors in my floor that came up using this product.  I wiped it with a 50-50 ratio because the odors were severe.  I repeated the process several times and the odor was gone. Such a relief. I will always keep this product on hand.


No, you do not have to lift carpet up. To ensure padding is cleaned you will want to use the solution in a carpet cleaning machine. By using the solution in a carpet machine, enough solution will be applied

that it will be able to soak into the padding.  The water rinse when sucked up with machine will lift the odor.


It seems to me that if you can’t lift a stain on scotch guarded carpet then you no longer have scotch guard protection on your carpet. You may want to lift stain with Genesis 950 and reapply the scotch guard to the area.


Where protective wax and polish is concerned, I was told to test a small area.  I have a boat and used 5 parts water to one part Genesis 950 and it looks beautiful!!