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Who We Are - Genesis 950 by Amerikal Products Corporation


Amerikal Products Corporation is the leading innovator and manufacturer of sustainable pressroom solutions. Founded in 1989, Amerikal is the first and one of the only pressroom solutions manufacturer dedicated solely to developing products that offset petroleum usage, natural resources, reduce energy costs and eliminate hazardous waste streams.


Located approximately 25 miles north of Chicago and 35 miles south of Milwaukee, Amerikal is the first and one of the only sustainable lean manufacturing facilities in our respective industry. Amerikal’s facility houses manufacturing of all Genesis® products and laboratory, as well as final assembly of the entire Amerikal equipment line. The facility is capable of producing 18,000 gallons of sustainable pressroom chemistry per 12-hour shift. State-of-the-art blending stations, equipped with variable speed and computerized controlled blending systems and new quality control capabilities were put into place to ensure the highest level of consistency and quality is maintained while manufacturing all Genesis® chemistry.

All improvements and enhancements were designed to adhere to Amerikal’s environmental standards. The overall goal of the renovation was to decrease energy consumption and increase overall productivity while maintaining one of the world’s cleanest and safest pressroom chemical manufacturing facilities

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the leader in developing technologies and products that will serve future generations for many years to come.

Our Mission

Develop and pioneer technologies that positively impact the world we share.

Our Values

  • Never Compromise Integrity
  • Best Total Solutions

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